Emotions are a challenge to humans. Some swallow them down, some pretend they’re non-existent, some over share, and so on.
It really doesn’t matter how you choose to deal with your feelings, they will continue to exist.
All you are really doing by keeping them to yourself is sparing those around you the drama happening inside you. Lucky them.
When you over share your emotions people will eventually just ignore you, or avoid you.
Regardless, the whole point of your struggle to get a handle on your emotions is to spare yourself some pain.
Guess what?
You fail.
Every time.
No matter how you externalize those emotions you are STILL feeling them!

ADHD Advocacy: Step It Up for ADHD

Sunday, May 18

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via ADHD Advocacy: Step It Up for ADHD.

Join the ADHD Walk & Family Fun Day to promote awareness and advocacy.

ADHD News Feed | posted by Wayne Kalyn | Wednesday April 9th – 10:00am

If you live outside Washington, D.C., gather with your friends and walk together in your local area. Encourage coordinators of your local ADHD support group to get involved on this special day. Your event could be as simple as walking to your closest elementary school and back. As you walk, take pictures and post them to FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and Pinterest using #ADHDWalk.

What Drives Suicide?

A casual acquaintance committed suicide last week. And I’m full of questions.
He was a large, boisterous man with a booming voice. He lived alone and was a neighbour of ours in a townhouse complex.
He worked, served on a committee, feuded with a few other neighbours and shared his opinion liberally. I suspect the liquor he imbibed daily freed up his wagging tongue.
News that he was losing his townhouse to bankruptcy trickled to us from that gossip line Hubby remains connected to.
Then we were told he lost his job.
Then we were told he had died.
Then were told he committed suicide and that it was his family that found him on their weekly visit to him. Apparently he had been dead a week.
I began to wonder what could possibly be so bad to cause such a terrible act.
Was he too lonely? Discouraged? Sick? Too tired to pick up the pieces of his life and start anew?
Saying he was depressed just doesn’t cut it in my mind. There are thousands upon thousands of people suffering from depression. There are just as many people declaring bankruptcy. They do not all take their own life. They do not all see death as the only answer.
What piece of the mind determines that action? The experts say exercise relieves depression, prevents suicide etc., etc. Really? How do they explain those professional athletes taking their lives? After all, exercise is their whole life, yet they still felt suicide was the only answer.
Did he perhaps just simply feel unloved, unwanted and unworthy?
His grown children visited him regularly so that indicates, at the very least, a sense of responsibility for their father. Are they responsible for making him feel worthy of love and life?
Sadly, I have no answers to these questions.
I cannot even say with conviction that suicide is categorically wrong.
I can say that the treatments currently available are NOT the answer. The drugs, the therapy and the psyco-babble are all just fumbling in the dark while trained professionals search for the real solution.
I hope they find it soon.


I have a Pinterest board for ADHD and many other boards too (of course I do) HA ha ha ha
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Can you have ADD and ADHD? | Untapped Brilliance

Even though ADHD is now the official title and ADD / ADHD are the same thing,…

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via Can you have ADD and ADHD? | Untapped Brilliance.

I am Combined Type, what are you?

ADHD Adults and Feelings: When Emotions Have You Under Their Spell

Today is worth 2 postings:)

ADHD Adults and Feelings: When Emotions Have You Under Their Spell.

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“Generally I find myself in one of three phases, and each requires a different to-do manual. Sometimes, I’m numb, unable to get even a glimpse of what it means to feel happy or sad. Other times, I’m so fully engaged with my emotions, I can taste the colors of my feelings. Most of the time I’m observing my emotions as they float through me in their own version of a thought bubble.”

Today is another numb day for me. I find it intriguing how comfortable it is when I am alone, yet my discomfort is tangible when someone else enters the picture.

Why do I feel so responsible? Am I?

ADHD Life Stories: A Singer Sounds Off on Life with Attention Deficit

My advice to fellow ADDers is to get educated about the condition. I don’t like the word “disorder.” My other advice is to find out about your natural strengths rather than trying to play catch-up with the normal kids by taking a pill to think like them.

via ADHD Life Stories: A Singer Sounds Off on Life with Attention Deficit.

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She is 100% correct…do not take a pill so you can be like everyone else…SO not worth it people!


Obsessive guilt is often caused by obsessions regarding exaggerated responsibility.

via Suffolk Cognitive-Behaviour.

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See, contrary to popular belief, it is NOT just excessive washing of the hands, or excessive counting and rituals…it’s also just like my post yesterday When a Mistake Takes on Monumental Proportions http://addpositively.wordpress.com/2014/03/03/when-a-mistake…al-proportions/ ‎

In yesterdays’ post I listed the results of my one moment of inattention which resulted in the chaos I have been living through for 4 days.

Someone said I was not responsible for the ensuing troubles after the vehicle was no longer functioning.

But here’s the thing…with OCD irrational worrisome thoughts, although unwanted, can become firmly entrenched beliefs. While I know on some level that these thoughts are senseless and often irrational, I cannot put the brakes on my thoughts or emotions right away.

So I live with the excessive guilt, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, and general “beating myself up” until things start to come to a solution.

Case in point, daughter arrived home safe and sound, rental car returned undamaged with no extra charges and grandchildren had a great time while visiting.

Hubby will be returning home this evening.

I got some sleep last night so in the light of day I am able to rationalize the irrational responsibility I felt for all of the sequence of events.

Granted, there is still some residual guilt and anxiety just waiting to come back to the surface as the bills for this fiasco come rolling in.

But for now, things are calmer and my house is clean, top to bottom.

I had to do something to keep myself from going insane, so I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.

Too funny. It’s the only times my house gets so clean:)

When a mistake takes on monumental proportions

So, as an ADDer, making an error causes a lot of anxiety, so I try to avoid making mistakes as much as humanly possible.

This really means I do very little and the majority of my days are spent at home. Alone.

But last week my daughter and the kids wanted to come spend a week but her vehicle is too unreliable to make a 12 hour drive. So hubby went to get them.  It was a fantastic week until I took them to see the alpacas on Friday.

As I was leaving I somehow managed to get my Suzuki on top of a rock in that driveway.  One moment of inattention created the following series of events:

1. Had to call CAA to get me off the rock. The steel bar underneath the Suzuki was pushed up causing the transmission to be pushed up into the floor of the vehicle. Vehicle now undrivable, that bar must be replaced and has to be ordered from out of this country as Suzuki is no longer in Canada. So, no vehicle until then, and no one can say how long it will take or how many thousands it will cost.

2. There are no rental cars available here on the island and my daughter has to get back home to her life. They were supposed to leave last Saturday but ended up leaving today.

3. We rented her a car from the mainland, one way to her home town, for $800.00 and she could only pick it up today, Monday.

4. Some people were generous enough to lend us their van so hubby could take her and the kids to the mainland and get that car so they could begin their long 12 hour drive.

5. Halfway across the Bay of Fundy the alarms went off on the ferry, the sound of the motor changed and they slowed down enough to double the crossing time.  Everyone was very nervous on the ferry.

6. Once off the ferry they were told they would not be able to come back to the island until tomorrow. Night. Tomorrow night. So hubby had to rent a room somewhere and find a way to kill all this time. Without spending more money.

7. Hubby was supposed to work tomorrow. The borrowed vehicle was supposed to go to the mechanic tomorrow too. Neither of those things will happen.

8. My daughter and I and my granddaughter all got a grand total of 3 hours sleep last night.

9. At this point I suspect I will never sleep again.

SO, can you understand why and ADDer dreads a mistake. One tiny moment of inattention, a single motion done without focus, can cause chaos to a whole chain of people and cost thousands of dollars.

Life quickly spins out of control.

It sucks to be me in these moments:(

Optimal Treatment for ADHD: It’s All in the Details

But fewer people realize that each one of these simple-sounding ADHD symptoms can present itself in a number of different ways (and severities) from one person to the other.

via Optimal Treatment for ADHD: It’s All in the Details.

Just some logical advice on where to start after your diagnosis. Because after the elation and wonder caused by knowing there is a name for what’s been “up” with you all those years, you will feel the need to know more and maybe see if you can be fixed LOL

BTW…there is no fix, but there are ways to cope better than you have been.


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