Fibro: Paresthesia (Nerve Pain)

Or when some annoying person is getting on your last nerve 😬

Fibro: Remembering What Used To Be

Before the symptoms became too much to ignore, life was fun, energetic and full of action.

Now, life is:

Fibro: Isolation + Loneliness 

Is that true? If you are always alone, will you still be happy? Or are you just disconnected?

Fibro: Weather Forecast

Fibro: Short Walk

I took a short 15 minute walk, now I’m exhausted and my feet hurt🙄

Fibro: Exercise?

This is about all the exercise I can handle

Fibro: All the secondary effects of chronic pain

Fibro: 61 Years ago

I was born. Now….

Fibro: Depression, Flare-ups, Real Life

It all sucks, every damn bit of it💩 There are no real positives in living this way, battling depression, unable to work so you have to live in poverty and isolation. Real life with chronic pain is a bitch😬 

I stopped running to doctors, trying new meds, pretending to be good when I’m not. 

I don’t explain to anyone anymore why I live in relative physical and social isolation. 

Funny, how people don’t really care anyway, so when you’re stand-offish, no one really tries to get to know you.

Fine by me. Nothing anyone can do.

So be it.

It is what it is.

Fibro: Getting things done

Most days, my biggest accomplishment is getting through another level of Cookie Jam


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