Fibro: My Feet Were The First To Go

Not only do I miss walking for miles and miles, I really miss cute shoes🙄

Fibro: Just One Good Reason Why?

Woke up, got out of bed and my feet protested loudly

No, I did not do much yesterday, mostly rested because it was a tiresome, high humidity rainy day. And, no, I did not take a middle of the night hike anywhere. 

So WHY are my feet so sore, tired, hot and burning after a nights rest? Any logical reason? 

Fibro: Positivity + ADD/ADHD

I have been in such a downward spiral for many months now. I blame it on Fibro but, I suspect it is all tied together with the ADD. Which is a bummer😔

This pic of brains on disorders is interesting, however, I often wonder, so what? So what if that disorder makes my brain different? How does that help me? 

Answer is, you can stop feeling guilty, blaming yourself for behaviour which is out of your control! 

Sure, there are many, many coping mechanisms available to accommodate all of our differences, but, bottom line is, you cannot cure it. You cannot rid yourself of this disability, you can only learn how to cope so you don’t hurt yourself or others.

Same goes for Fibro. Trying drugs to rid your body of the pain is frustrating, to say the least, and depressing. You become discouraged, leading to feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. 

But you’re not really helpless. You can find ways to lessen the pain, cope with lack of sleep and accept your new you.

Not a “new and improved” you, just a different you. More like the gracefully aging woman/man, rather than the “desperately trying to hide their age” woman/man. Those trying to hide who they really are become the fuel for all the cruel and senseless jokes out there.

Be graceful;  accept who you are, what you have become and where you are heading. Learn to love what you have instead of moaning and groaning about what you don’t have. It’s the only way.

Fibro: reblog from the Mighty

Fibromyalgia 24 Things No One Talks About

All True!!!!

Fibro: Dead Tired + Music

My days spent layin’ around are great music days. Plug in the iPod, lay back and close my eyes while the iPod is on shuffle, playing random songs from my iTunes library. 

Every song brings me somewhere, and in my mind’s eye I am transported back to when I had energy, stamina and strength. While I would like to believe every day was a party, I know how untrue that is. At most, I had a few of hours of mad, wild dancing on a Friday or Saturday night, sometimes both nights. But, like everyone else I had my trials and tribulations, my responsibilities and my freakin’ boring job to fill the biggest part of my days.

Still, a girl can dream, right? I firmly believe every day should be a party, full of music, dance and living to the max. 

Who would have thought my reality would be this crappy? Not me. 

Fibro: Feeling Old Before Your Time

All the aches and pains makes you feel ancient before you are anywhere near being old😬

Fibro + ADHD: Boredom

I’m so boring I bore myself most days. 

Fibro: Paresthesia (Nerve Pain)

Or when some annoying person is getting on your last nerve 😬

Fibro: Remembering What Used To Be

Before the symptoms became too much to ignore, life was fun, energetic and full of action.

Now, life is:

Fibro: Isolation + Loneliness 

Is that true? If you are always alone, will you still be happy? Or are you just disconnected?


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