ADD and anxiety…or is it something else?

ADDers and Anxiety often go hand in hand.  Thing is, anxiety is thought- based, where the brain negatively appraises an event.  It’s the result of an anxious thought, not the cause.  The “something else” that it could be is:  Sensory Defensiveness, which is brain-stem based, meaning it refers to reflexes and instinctive reactions starting from bodily sensation triggered from external or internal stimuli.

Both are stress responses, creating nervous system arousal, edginess, difficulty concentrating, hyper-viligance, avoidance and lack of control.  Both have vulnerability at the core.  Do these adjectives sound familiar?LOL

My point?  Maybe those medications you are taking for anxiety that are not working should be thrown away.  Maybe you don’t suffer from an anxiety disorder so it stands to reason that the meds would be ineffective, right?  Sensory Defensiveness, or sensory processing disorder, is treated by an occupational therapist, because it’s not mind disorder, it’s physical!  And occupational therapist are successful in treating SPD without drugs.  I say FANTASTIC!  Who needs to take more drugs, especially ones that don’t really work.

I’m reading this book: too loud too bright too fast too tight by Sharon Heller, Ph.D. Very interesting and right on the money for a lot of the complications I have had to deal with my whole life, including the miserable failure (not to mention expensive) of cognitive behaviour therapy.  The best thing that came out of that therapy was the identifying of my ADD and SPD…however, no real actual change was available.  So, that was the ole “good news, bad news” deal.  Another good thing was the fact that now my employer must make the necessary accommodations for my diagnosis…yeah!

Unfortunately for all of us, this disorder is considered “controversial” and is not an “officially accepted diagnosis”.

If you’re curious and want to know a little more check out


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  2. […] ADD and anxiety…or is it something else? ( […]

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