Remember Twiggy?

Super model Twiggy was the IT girl between 1969-1970.  She was 5’6″ tall and weighed 110 lbs.  Now, to me, that’s not a bad weight and I certainly wouldn’t classify that as anorexic.

She was blamed for the turn young girls took when unhealthy body images were becoming a so-called social movement.

I remember it well.

Being naturally skinny and bony, with no real womanly shape to speak of, I could not see what the attraction was.  To me, she was just another reflection of what I thought of myself, skinny, bony, boyish, ugly etc.

I longed for luscious hips, full breasts and a waist in between.  I wanted firm and toned muscles (back in those days it was UNHEARD of)!

All of my friends, and I mean every single girl that I knew, even casually, were obsessed with looking like Twiggy!  And all of the voluptuous women suddenly became “fat”:( in the eyes of our era.

AND, not only did they want to be as skinny as her, they wanted those giant eyes (which to me looked weird and scary)!

As it turns out, I was the one that felt the closest to how Twiggy herself felt…she thought everyone was “raving mad” to make such a fuss about how “great” her look was:)

Good for you Twiggy:)

At least 2 of us had the good sense to recognize that truth.

Do you think this was the beginning of all the eating disorders that have plagued this society?

I certainly wouldn’t put the blame on Twiggy, but the public and the promoters that tend to create idols to be worshipped and emulated throughout the lands just so they can make more money.  Shame on them for being so short-sighted and not being able to predict that their tactics were going to be the cause of so much pain and suffering.


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    I do not believe that Twiggy marked the “beginning” of eating disorders. It is my opinion that women have been suffering since the beginning of time, suffering in silence. Media coverage of Twiggy, in my opinion, marked the beginning of extreme dieting / weight control / eating disorder sensationalism. Despite this sensationalism, women continued to suffer in silence. They were fighting to obtain a particular aesthetic on the outside, whilst suffering on the inside. Forty years later, suffering is status quo. There should be NO SHAME in having an eating disorder. It is my goal to help girls to “come out,” to make themselves well again. x Do you blame Twiggy?

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