What Makes Me Cry

The tears of hope | Las lágrimas de la esperanza | URUGUAY | IMG_0571

There are a lot of things that make me cry, but usually sad things do NOT make me cry. Except my mother's funeral 3-4 years ago. I cried hysterically during that funeral, overwhelmed with such a sense of loss and hope of what never was.

But, generally, it is acts of kindness that make me cry. And when my heart swells with love for my children and grandchildren and husband and siblings…well, you catch my drift:)

A beautiful, touching story about caring and kindness always touches my heart and brings on the tears.

A great song that shows the singers vulnerabilities brings about the chills up and down my spine along with the flood of tears.

An unusual movie about some kind of simple caring gesture made, usually meant as uplifting, overcoming great personal challenges always requires a big box of Kleenex next to me.

Do you remember those telephone commercials "Reach out and touch someone"? Those always made me cry, no matter how many times they aired during the evening!:)

My husband and son marvelled at the unlimited supply of tears that streamed down my face as I watched a supposedly happy movie LOL

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