The Weather's Effect on My Mood

A mini-guide to our wonderful Moon

As a moon child I can say that the weather influences me a great deal. But, really, it's the moon and the atmosphere that does the work. I feel the storms coming, mentally before physically. I can almost smell it in the air long before it arrives and when there is a sudden drop or rise in atmospheric pressure, my head feels it way before the actual weather changes. It's painful, but at the same time, it is pleasurable.

It's a great connection to the earth and the heavens above.

Makes me feel small and full of greatness all at the same time.

Mystical even.

Did I ever tell you that a lot of people have told me in their unguarded moments how much I scare them? When I ask them to explain, to pinpoint exactly what it is about little ole me that scares them, they are not able or are unwilling to give voice to it.

Beats me. I can't begin to guess how I could possible scare anyone or anything. I see myself as benign and harmless, unable to hurt any living creature intentionally.

I truly wonder what they see/feel…do you know?

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