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Today, I have a question and I seriously would like answers from everyone.

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My question is about social media…Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs etc.


Is the way we communicate online really replacing any need to mingle with other live human beings?

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I can’t really answer the question myself, because I do not live alone.  I have a husband that engages conversation with me, holds me and touches me when needed and hugs me when I feel like I need to hug someone.

I believe my need for the hugs is social conditioning, for I am a product of a generation when “free love” was practically a religion:)

Sure, I enjoyed some of it.  But it was really that sense of changing the world, the excitement of breaking the staid, repressed rules of society forever that engaged me…it certainly was not the stinky, smelly hippie types constantly “hitting on me” to reap the benefits of the free love movement.

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That multiple partner, no commitment, no demands lifestyle turned out to be a myth, to my great relief.  But it was with great disappointment the “players” felt, you know, those people seeking a lot of casual sex from as many unknown partners as possible in the shortest time possible.  LOL  Oh well, guys and gals, better luck next time:)

I digress.

I never really believed that it is an actual physical need to be in the physical presence of someone to feel the love, support and happiness that comes from connecting with another like-minded person.  Blogging and Facebook and Twitter and anything else that gives me the opportunity to see what others are up to that might interest me is exciting.  People from anywhere and everywhere are available to me at all times.  All they are interested in, their unique talents and thoughts can be shared in seconds with hundreds of thousands of people instantly.

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How can that NOT be exciting?  How can that NOT be a good thing?

I find I am far more fond of my online peeps than I ever was with my so-called real friends.  I can feel the warmth of these people, the authentic interest they have in what I’m saying and their excitement about their creative endeavours.

It is easier to open up your true self online, share your loves, wants and needs without any protective walls.

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You know, those walls that go up instantly when in the presence of anyone.  Those walls that protect your vulnerabilities until those people earn your trust.

It takes forever to earn trust.  It takes seconds to lose it.


So, I beg of you to seriously consider the question and to respond.  Ask your friends and ask them to respond as well.  The more different responses the more interesting this will be.  So, please, ask the question and send me the answer.

My need to know is creating a whirlwind of thoughts in my head, creating havoc as a tornado would.

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Thank you.



6 responses

  1. I find it easy going with the computer but never thought of myself as strong mentally to handle the lifestyle….I thought I was being strong when I was out and about meeting people in “real life” LOL I guess it’s a matter of perspective. Some crave that human touch and physical contact while others need that communication connection. I’m still convinced that it has to do with conditioning rather than right or wrong.
    And I do know exactly what you mean about people making judgements when they see you in person. As a matter of fact, I do it myself…always thinking about what I’m reading about the person in their appearance that they are unaware they are showing me:) Sneaky, huh? LOL
    Now it’s about the pic they use as their identifier and about the way they express themselves online, terms they use and what they talk about most. There are a lot of bloggers out there posting completely superficial blogs for the amusement of those so inclined. As I am often.
    Sometimes, I just want to be entertained:)

  2. What I meant was..one actually has to be strong mentally in order to live the inside computer lifestyle as an adult. If you think about it..some will get offended at comments from strangers and some will fall into depression at having no “real” friends in order to visit with. While others of us will embrace this way of life. Heck, now we don’t even have to get dressed while communicating with others. Plus, there are no snap judgements at first impressions. Example: “That person is so big, sloppy, ugly, skinny, uppity, etc. I wouldn’t want to talk to him/her.”

  3. I wanted to add that I love talking to those on the computer verses in person. I like the annonymity and learning how others live. I can be myself and not worry about being judged to harshly. I like th easiness of letting go without having to much of a bond yet also having that connection of trust with a stranger.

    1. That’s it exactly!
      There is no need for the automatic public mask that most people don when
      meeting others. No need for that protective wall that is automatically erected to protect our most vulnerable parts from damage. And the encounter can quickly be ended…or continued…or picked up later at your convenience. It’s awesome to me:)

  4. I have a husband as well although my husband is a very quiet man and does not prefer to much conversaiton.
    In my opinion, technology..computer, IPads, SmartPhones, etc. already have changed society and will continue to do so. People don’t really talk anymore they seem to text each other..or that seems to go for teen-agers.
    I, myself, was never much of a Mall Shopper but once in a while I would get together with friends and go to the mall to find clothes, etc. Now, I can do all that from the house and my social contact has gone down. by choice and for health reasons. If I want to take a class, there are free classes via computer and I am now attending church via conputer or t.v. I do not need to be social which I find is better for me and gives me less stress. Some of my friends and I do still get together for lunch but that is after a text or e-mail or maybe a quick call to set up the date and time.
    I do not see anything wrong with this for those strong enough mentally to handle it.

    1. What really struck me in your response was the “strong enough mentally to handle it” comment at the end. If it takes mental strength to interact in person with other people it is a faulty means of communication in my eyes. As for shopping online vs the mall….online wins HANDS DOWN for me. No one can possibly cover as many places in person as they can online. The range of choices widens to limitless rather than what’s just available in the store. Better. Free classes online…beats paying for in person classes where I have to get properly dressed, get myself to a specific location and spend time listening to some boring teacher. Time wasted preparing, transportation and attending a class that I may or may not like is time I will never get back. Online classes…within five minutes I can decide to continue or shut it down. Simple. Easy. FREE:)

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