My Generation

Dead rock stars

My generation was the greatest generation of all time…changing the rules of society to the acceptance of others as they are, promoting peace and love…not to mention the fabulous music! Woodstock…the most iconic music festival EVER!!! We went public with our protesting, public with our stand against intolerance, and public with the freedom to express ourselves through clothes and music. Fashion and style, speech and living were ALL influenced by this exciting time…the late 60's early 70's were the be-all and end-all of everything we enjoy today.

I am somewhat "disappointed" that the majority of my generation abandoned those ideals to embrace consumerism and capitalism so doggedly. All the while secretly "smoking up" at home to escape the prisons of mediocrity they have created for themselves. Such waste of potential creativeness.

I believe we are currently in another era of change that will shape our society for years to come. This age of computer technology enables the world to reach out and touch one another. This great younger generation have an understanding of the internet's possibilities that is second nature to them. They instinctively know anything and everything is possible. The days of boring, mundane, mind-dulling routine lives are over. The world is truly their oyster and they are sharing it with us…how lucky are we?:)

A beautiful thing when your world suddenly expands to encompass every possibility your mind can thing up!

Loving it!

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