Simple goal…Dr.’s appointment

Hair Irons

Hair Irons (Photo credit: LuluP)

This is a blow-by-blow description of the inside inner workings of a person with ADD  trying to make sure she gets to an appointment on time and home again before the end of the day.

I had one simple goal this morning when I went to my doctor’s appointment to renew my prescription for Dexedrine…catch the bus, not more than 10′ from my front door, @ 8:39AM to get to my doctor’s appointment which was @ 8:50AM.

It all started yesterday.  Took my shower, washed my hair, let air dry to a bushy, frizzy, pouf-ey mess.  Forgot to straighten it with the straightening iron.

This morning got up @ 4:45 AM with a head of hair fairly similar to yesterday, except slightly flattened in some places.  Did my morning thing, bathroom, take meds, head to kitchen to prepare coffee, feed the starving cat, go outside to have a smoke.  Come back in, get a coffee to drink, sit at computer and start to sort emails.

Resist the temptation to open any newsletters, blogs, etc.

Give in to temptation with the Google Reader.  Look at all 6 alerts/photos/blogs.

Open FB.  Play a couple of games.

Hubby is up.  Dog needs to go out…urgently it seems.  Get another coffee.  Eye the 2 bags of laundry hubby brought downstairs from our bedroom along with all the bath towels.

Go outside with hubby for another smoke.  Come in, go downstairs and start one load of laundry.  Hubby gone to work.  It’s 6:30AM.

Force myself to stop playing more than 3 more FB games.

Take care of teeth, wash face, go upstairs, pull covers back on the bed, dress for Dr.’s appointment.  Must have something soft to wear…flannel lined jeans, cashmere sweater, V neck over it, socks.

Back downstairs comb hair that I forgot to comb earlier.

Get my hoodie, purse, cell phone, iPod gathered and on coffee table behind my computer chair.  Put on runners.

All ready to leave.

It’s 7:15 AM.

Got lots of time to play a couple more games on FB.

Crap.  It’s 8:16AM.

Try to quickly put on hoodie, can’t find the sleeve, get frustrated, put it down, start over.  Lock back door, say Bye to Boo, grab fleecy and put it on successfully, hang purse across myself, grab keys to front door, leave, lock door.  Head to bus stop.

Grab bus ticket out of purse from the same pocket that I put my house keys.  Lift head and see my bus arrive.

Cool.  I’m early, this is the 8:20AM bus:)

Get to doctor’s office @ 8:36 AM…early with lots of time to get a coffee, first light up a smoke.  Get a latte.

Go to doctor’s office, check in, try to find a magazine to look at that is less than 2 years old…nothing new except this Avon book, grab that, stay standing with coffee and Avon book in hand,  looking out the window.

Successfully turn off the iPod while I juggle the book, the coffee without spilling it!

Get escorted to 2nd waiting room where the doc will see me “in a bit”.

Put down coffee, take off fleecy and hoodie, look through the Avon book twice while taking sips of my coffee and trying really, really hard not to let my irritation grow to anger.

Finally I hear his knock and in he breezes, taking my hand and wishing me a happy Monday morning.  F#%@ing dork.  Hide my displeasure well I believe.

Successfully convince him that I’m doing great and still waiting for work to call me back.  He asks me what I think about the delay…I impulsively answer “they are just pissing around, waiting for me to quit” with voice rising only slightly before I catch myself.  He blinks.  Writes “quick to anger” in file.  Damn it!  Takes my pulse, asks me if I just had a coffee, I say yes and he says that would explain my rapid pulse.  Blood pressure good though.

He continues to chat a bit, my eyes glaze over and I have no idea what he is talking about at this point.  Shift my focus back to him when he touches my forearm, leans forward, looks me in the eyes and says “I want you to remember to drink, eat and pee during the day”, he smiles, hands me my prescription for 2 months only and shoos me off.  I put my empty coffee cup in his trash can, then I put on my hoodie, fleece and sling my purse across my chest, prescription in hand.

I brush off my rising irritation, focus on not losing my prescription, get it into my purse and register it is in the pocket with the house keys and cell phone.  Leave that office quickly and with a sigh of relief.

It’s 9:25 AM.  Head to exit.  See the store sign promising great prices on organizational stuff…quickly decide I will not go in.

Find myself inside the store walking up and down the aisles.  Buy green thread (to sew lining from old hoodie into other hoodie), straight pins to replace the ones I can’t find, 1 plate organizer/space saver thing, 1 shelf space saver/organizer thing, head to register, pay, and I’m off to the bus stop.

Cross the street, look up…damn…there’s the bus!  Too cool.

Get on the bus, some angry looking lady, red in the face, is gesturing and seems to be yelling…at me? who knows, whatever.  Remove iPod headphones, she’s saying there’s 2 people here that need to get off with strollers.  Loudly.  I’m bewildered.  Put my earphones back in my ears.  Why did she feel it necessary to tell me about her plans to exit the bus?  I care about this why?  Head to a seat.  Watch them get off.  Still perplexed.  Shrug it off.

Pull bus stop alert in the nick of time…my stop is right there in front of my eyes.  Whee!  Bus driver actually stopped:)  Sweet.

Home at last.  Boo is not greeting me at the door.  Wonder why.  Take off runners, go to living room.  Boo wagging tail, sitting on carpet at back door, looking guilty?  Wonder what he did to look guilty?  Let him out.  He immediately sits in front of the door once he’s out.  It’s 10:45 AM.

OK.  What the hell?  Can’t find any evidence of a mess.

I look around the living room to see evidence of some kind of mess he could be feeling guilty about.  See nothing.  Feeling really hot.

Oh.  Need to remove purse, put down bag, remove fleece and hoodie.  That’s better.

Go to kitchen, run hot water to wash last nights supper dishes.  Go downstairs, put wet clothes in dryer, add another load into washer, remember to start them both:)

Back into the kitchen, wash dishes, let air dry.  Find bag of purchases, get the organizers, set them up.  Cool.  My finger is bleeding.  One of the glass canisters on the counter is broken on the side edge, there’s blood on it and that must be mine.  Wrap toilet paper around bleeding finger, can’t put my hands on the band aids. Empty broken canister and throw it away.  Finish setting up organizer shelf.  Head back to bathroom to find the band-aids.  Notice the toilet is still blocked.  Forgot to buy a plunger.

Find the band-aids, throw away bloody paper wrapped around my finger, put on band-aid.

Log into computer to share this experience before I forget all about it.

Now, where is that damn prescription.

Damn I’m tired.




5 responses

  1. We have GOT to meet – I think we are twins separated at birth.

    (Hmmmm – than again, do we really want to DO that to the non-ADD universe?)


    Dex is my life-raft too. I let myself run out – so no wonder I can’t make myself get back to work. The problem, of course? I need meds working to jump through the “keep the meds working” hoops, so NOW what? Maybe I need a coach?

    (kidding – Peggy Ramundo and I trade coaching, but we’ve both been a bit covered up since Kate’s ordeal began last month – today is Peggy’s birthday, btw, and I am going over to help her take down her HUGE Christmas village and pack it away – YES, we have been pretty totally covered up since New Years.)

    Madelyn, are you NUTS – get back to work!

    Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, SCAC, MCC – (blogging at ADDandSoMuchMore and on ADDerWorld – dot com!)
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

  2. Well written. Funny too, but I see why you’re tired! So this is you with dexedrine, right? Without it, do you miss the bus and the appt?

    1. Yes, this is me with Dexedrine. Before, without it, I would be SO stressed and anxious about arriving on time, I would arrive at least an hour before, or on a completely different day before the appointment, or sometimes on a day after the actual appointment. My doctor’s office does not call the day before with reminders and they charge $50.00 every time you miss an appointment AND when I arrived late I would have to sit there for HOURS at a time for the next open 5 minutes during his day. The punishment is intense but I’ve been going to this doctor for over 25 years so the ladies tried to accommodate me as often as they could. They did their best while I sat there fuming, feeling like a guilty 3 year old trying to not get up and walk out never to return from the humiliation of screwing up YET AGAIN:) What a freakin’ chore it was.
      Now, I actually have time to buy a coffee and get home before 11 AM…success at last.

  3. I can so relate. I used to be early for everything. Now, I practically warn every dotor I go to that I will probably be late. Heck, I annoy myself.

    1. Annoying myself was par for the course before the Dexedrine…now, I have enough little successes to make me feel pretty good for the most part:)

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