Haute Couture Spring 2012 review

I’m no fashionista, believe me.

I have long been fascinated with fashion designers, the clothes that inspire women to spend endless amounts of money for and the unbelievable creativity that goes into each detailed piece!

So, without further ado.  My take on the Spring 2012 Haute Couture highlights of a few designers that I have been seeing over the years.


Versace….too blatently focused on sexy, obvious clothing choices geared to the strutting  hooker, mostly shiny, body hugging, short or long with slits to highlight the private parts, and all around gaudy designs.

Christian Dior…designs show the true love of this design house, the hourglass female form, with knee skimming skirt lengths, retro influenced flared skirts, all exquisitely detailed, always respectful of the womanly form.  HOWEVER, Galliano…outrageous, avant-garde, trendsetting, often dark but subtly humorous, always interesting and entertaining to watch now is the design force for the house of Dior.











Disappointing, but still…I saw a trace of Galliano show…

Valentino… mostly leans towards the romantic, dresses have a  “floaty”, ethereal quality, very dreamy/unreal and with the predictable focus on flowery springlike materials/designs.

Chanel …seems to have dedicated focus on menswear inspired clothing decorated and widely accepted as classy women’s wear, while iconic I find it intensely boring when often they just change-up the neckline and call it new.

Givency…shapeless and shiny/sparkly…unflattering to all.

Elie Saab …floaty, lacy, delicate, fairy-tale designs, exquisitely feminine, but the fashion wears the woman and not the woman wears the fashion. There is always an excess of fabric, even on the slimmer designs.











Maxime Simoen…severely form-fitting, trendy, and stark, rocker-like clothing using this years trends like colour blocking to bring it some familiarity.  A lot of black and white, as well as the more muted, darker tones of the spring season.   Sleek too.











Any guesses which design featured in this post I would choose to wear?


3 responses

  1. In my former life as a high falutin’ sexy young chick, I would have chosen to wear the last dress, Simoen’s form-fitting long sleek dress.
    In my current state of mind, if I had any reason to wear such a thing (which I do not nor do I anticipate such an occasion anytime in my future) I would choose Dior’s white dresses with the black appliques.
    Besides, I wear pants almost ALL the time, always have (to my husbands great sorrow I might add LOL).
    Although I once had a great suit that I adored but only wore once to some business event of the hubby’s way back. It was black (unheard of for me to wear black LOL), butt huggin’ pencil skirt to just above the knees, with a lace peplum and gorgeous lace insert across the upper back jacket…cut low enough to hint at cleavage but no actual cleavage showing (not that I had any cleavage at that time) so I wore nothing underneath that lovely suit jacket.
    It was a daring choice for the time especially considering it was a conservative oil industry event:)
    Still, it was a hit with both the male and female persuasions.
    But OH so controversial:) I could tell they wondering why they felt a “little bit shocked” at how I was dressed and they couldn’t quite put their finger on it.
    It was subtly sexy.

  2. If you are anything like me, I believe you may choose the last one. I actually like the black/white outfit. ..minus the big slit in the top. Highly unneccessary.
    Plus, lately the form fitting is actually not forming overly well. But, since I’ve no reason for dresses..it’s the best choice at present.

  3. i’ve read that victoria beckham is a “force to be reckoned with in the world of fashion,” and i completely agree! i think that her fabulous pieces outdo all of these traditional designers. and as for chanel? i shake my head. visiting my first chanel boutique was like a normal child’s trip to disney world. but i don’t hold chanel in the same regard anymore based upon this season’s drabness.

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