News Stories I'm Sick Of

Max at WCCO

I get sick of most news stories quickly because they are all about the bad behaviour humans indulge in. It gets old really fast! I dislike listening/watching the news because it is always the same thing, day in and day out, someone/something hurt someone/something. Boring!

My husband is a news junkie. He loves watching/listening to the news on TV at the end of his work day, with the TV on to TWO hours of local & national news. Honestly, if you miss what is said the first half, no worries, it will be endlessly repeated in the next hour and half:) Plus, he listens to a news only radio station when he drives, which he does a lot during the day. OMG! After all these years with him, you'd think I'd be used to this, but I still wonder why on earth this is so interesting to him:) He even likes the weather channel…can you imagine? Funniest thing he always asks me "have you listened to the weather forecast? what's in store for the day?" I always answer, "when I went outside/looked out the window, it's cold/warm/ hot/sunny/cloudy etc. (whatever is applicable for the day). He still rolls his eyes!:)

We do a lot of eye-rolling in this house. LOL

I am able to tune out all the news broadcasts for the most part unless he insists on bringing my attention to what's happening at the moment. He discusses it like I was actually hearing/listening to what is being said.

He's so cute:)

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