sugarSCOUT loves Adele.

I love the voice of Adele.  I love the music on her album 21…every single song.  I love her beautiful face.  And now, I just love her.  Truly hope this is not just a false bravado response…which I have heard far too many times before from many artists/singers that succumb to the pressure of “lose a little weight” marketing strategy of their PR company:(

sugarSCOUT loves Adele..


2 responses

  1. I’m all about self acceptance and loving your body at any size… long as that size is one your body falls into naturally with a healthy diet and lifestyle. I don’t like that Adelle advocates a poor diet and no exercise. I know sometimes we are so bombarded with “you must be skinny” messages that this extreme polar opposite response seems to be necessary, but I think any extreme is bad. What do you think?

    1. I agree, any extreme is bad. From one end to the other, there is no balance. No balance = out of control which in turn leads to an endless amount of health issues, physical as well as mental.
      That being said, I am concerned about women’s lack of self-acceptance, usually focusing on their outward appearance. Unrealistic goals to look stick-like is unhealthy and extreme but very common nowadays.
      These unrealistic expectations to look like the air-brushed images of emancipated models leads to a self-hatred of epic proportions. Heart breaking to me. How much self-loathing fills a female to despise herself SO MUCH?
      Self-acceptance is the first step, and a healthy diet with a lifestyle to match would follow naturally if that spark and zest for life were present.
      Adele has become an icon/idol for young women. If her image can inspire just ONE woman towards self acceptance and away from self-destruction it cannot be bad. Yes, she smokes, probably drinks, probably doesn’t exercise, maybe has done a few drugs etc.…just like the a multitude of women in North America. It is something they can recognize as familiar, something they can relate to. Even though she doesn’t lead the optimal healthy lifestyle she is lovely, has a voice like no other and she suffers heartbreak/misery like everyone else. She also has put it out there for all to see, sharing the pain and suffering with abandon.
      Bottom line, it is a colossal waste of precious time and energy to dedicate so much effort to promote a healthy lifestyle that millions of people no longer can relate to. In their eyes, it is just as unreal and unattainable as everything else in the media.
      I don’t have the answers to people’s problems and neither does anyone else. One thing that I am sure of.
      Each person must find the things that work for them. Everybody is different and there is not just one answer that is a “One Size Fits All” solution. And there is no “Perfect Solution” either.
      Also, there are many people out there that are naturally contrary…when I hear “you must be” anything it is with absolute certainty I say that I will go in the opposite direction automatically. Whether this be the nature of my ADD or just part of my personality, I will resist instinctively.
      Doing things the hard way seems to be the most consistent thing in my life.

      BTW, thank you for your comment. Enjoyable and thought provoking to answer.
      I like it.

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