How Often I Travel

Middle Caicos Cliffs

I am able to leave town for a trip at any time, if I wanted to. But, I don't want to. We explored and traveled to local places, hit all the "tourist" spots and the not so attractive places every in every city we lived in. We traveled a lot in the beginning.

But I dislike traveling. I am bored and uncomfortable in a car. Equally bored and uncomfortable in a train and a plane. I discovered that all cities, towns etc. are equal in the end. Each location offers everything you are willing to take. All the people all over the world are pretty much the same as well. After all, we are all only human, with the same human wants, needs and desires. Different in methods sometimes, but all after the same things. The grass is not greener anywhere else. Where you are is not worse or better than anywhere else. Where you are is what you make of it. If you fail to profit from the opportunities that present themselves to you, and you fail to recognize those opportunities, your world is small and will not change no matter where you are.

Changing one man-made scenario for another is not going to broaden your horizons, make you smarter or happier.

Immersing yourself in nature is another story. Learning about your environment without the distraction of the noise present in our modern world will make you much more content. The wonders of nature, ever changing and always different, will teach you things you will never learn in a city/town/village. Nature is true, with no artifice, nothing to disguise what is really going on. Nature will show you what true harmony is all about. You must immerse yourself in nature, not just pass through, spending only a token amount of time in nature will not fully penetrate the barriers you have built to survive our modern day world.

In a remote location you will learn things about yourself that will surprise you, fill you with wonder and delight, make you a better being.

A short trip just doesn't cut it.

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