5 Foods I'd Hate to Live Without

Fresh fruit

Raspberry jam, all natural of course,

Peanut Butter




I don't know if coffee would be considered food but I would not want to live without it…ever.

I'm not much of a gourmet eater, as a matter of fact, I'm not a very good eater at all. I forget to eat too often for my own good, and I forget to drink liquids to point of being dehydrated often. I do not have the body signals most people seem to have that alert them to eat and drink. I am not an emotional eater nor am I one to take pleasure in sitting down to a meal, shared or otherwise. Eating has mostly always been just something I have to do.

Health wise, this is not good. It takes it's toll on the body and has always been a source of irritation to me. Preparing food, eating food and cleaning up afterwards…not fun.

Now, if I had a live-in chef, maid and butler then perhaps my views would change.

I'm pretty sure if someone prepared meals for me every day, 3 times a day, with snacks in between, all tasty and no fuss/no muss for me, then bring that food to me, I would more than likely eat the food.

I would be so healthy if I had been born in a very rich family:)

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2 responses

  1. that picture makes me crave a big fruit salad!!! with added sliced apples!!!!!!!!!

    and oh i love seedy english jams!

    there’s a very well-to-do, elegant, scottish woman who invites me to her “teas” (where the ladies tend to drink wine instead of tea, ha) – and the food is always not friendly for my system, but she ALWAYS displays several plates of gorgeous jams! i’m the girl, seated in the corner, watching everyone else, trying to be proper, drinking wine and nibbling upon a plateful of beautiful jam. i think that apricot and blueberry are my two favourites. 🙂

    1. mmm, mmm, mmm, fresh blueberry jam…blueberry popovers, blueberry anything. So so good. Fresh fruit salad…another “bestest food”:)
      Wine is always preferable to tea in every circumstance:)
      Being proper is highly overrated LOL

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