If I Were Redecorating

Temptation Resort Cancun (5)

Well, I AM going to redecorate my home, in Grand Manan, on the island, when I move there. And it will be exactly the way I want it to be, contrary to what my decor has been in the past. I have always decorated with my husbands tastes in mind, since he lives here I felt it was only fair. Problem is, I absolutely hate what he likes…everything wood, everything brown, everything beige and neutral. It is depressing and just plain old ugly. I won't have it anymore. I refuse. Once he sees what I like and lives with it I am positive he will love it. He only likes the browns, beige neutral decor because that is what he is used to, that is what he thinks it should be.

My home will be light, bright and airy…beachy and natural with beautiful pops of colour throughout. Invigorating, pretty to look at, and easy going.

He will love. I know he will. Better yet, I WILL LOVE IT:)

And, if I'm happy, he's happy.

So, what's the problem? LOL

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