Next supermodel?

Boo is modeling his new raincoat in preparation for the rainy weather in Grand Manan, NB.

Looking very manly indeed.

He already has that disdainful, bored look trademarked by the best male models of the fashion world.

I’m sure he’s thinking “Seriously?  Do you have to do this now?”


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  1. NO WAY! This picture could BE one of Scoobie-Doo – my little Imperial Shih Tzu who moved on to wait for me on Rainbow Bridge about 25 years ago now. My little Tabitha – who looked remarkably similar to Scoobie and Boo, joined him shortly before Christmas last year – after 19 years with me. Waaaaaaaaaa (good tears)

    I’ve been “a Shih Tzu Mom” for about 40 years now (mostly 2 at a time, once 3), but these were my only golds. Tiffany, my first was a gold and white who turned out to have encepalitis so she left me before I’d had her a month), a grizzle (Grizzle-E-Bear – whom my EX-husband let out to get run over), four blacks (3 fosters – the forth, Tuxedo because he had a white ruff and four white feet -yeah, right!- I simply HAD to keep with me), and three black and whites (1 rescue).

    There is a picture of one of my black and whites, Bandit, near the bottom of one of the “cookie” posts in the ongoing Boggle Book series on my blog (modeling “lie down” – so smart, he learned this trick without the bribery of a cookie, btw!)

    Isn’t the Shih Tzu the perfect ADD dog? Doglike when you want to play, cat-like when you need to work, incredibly loving and empathic, healthy, and *very* few people are allergic to them (even if, as with me, they are allergic to cats and almost ALL other dog breeds) – and small enough to throw into a tote when you need to travel with them.

    As much as I love my baby dogs, I was never one to be comfortable paying a fortune for dog clothing, even on sale. But, as all Shih Tzu owners know, they take a lot of REGULAR brushing (and few Shih Tzus are truly fond of it), or they end up so matted you have no choice but to whack off the coat and start again, practically from scratch.

    SO, Shih Tzus with ADD parents LIVE with what I term “the military puppy cut” in self-defense – so they get cold and need sweaters or coats in the winter. And when a Shih Tzu gets wet any tangles turn into dreadlocks even the most patient dog groomer will be unable to comb out – so they need raincoats.

    No, I didn’t exactly turn into a dog-clothes home-sewer, but my creative ADD brain did figure out how to cut leg-holes in old legwarmers and sweater sleeves to fashion kind of nifty turtleneck sweaters that my dogs put up with as the cost of being able to go outside to play – expressions very similar to Boo’s btw.

    My garbage-bag raincoats weren’t so successful, however – ‘tho hilarious – so I may have to resign myself to store-bought raingear for my next pup.

    I tried a ton of boots when I lived in NYC (salt on the sidewalks in the winter cuts their paws and stings like a mother!), but I finally had to give up. None of mine could walk in the darn things. It was funny to watch them slide around, but it bordered on dog abuse, so I had to give up. Vaselined paws help, I carried baby-wipes, and washed their paws the minute we came back in. (I mean, an ADDer *needs* to jump through these hoops, right?)

    After my return from Atlanta for the ACO conference at the end of March, I plan to begin the hunt for my next Shih Tzu. So really-no-kidding, if you (or anybody reading) solves the dog boot dilemma, shoot me an email

    —–> my 3 initials “at” (use the symbol) addcoach “dot” – and it is a com address (damn spammers!) Please put “dog boots” in the subject line so it won’t hide in the e-glut <—–

    AND IF, BY CHANCE, anybody reading has a small (11 pounds or less), healthy Shih Tzu they simply cannot keep and are crazed about finding a good home, I'd be one of the BEST. (I will be traveling a lot in the next ten years, so SMALL is key so I can take them along – can't do any more of the larger kind like Tux or Griz – 22 and 24 pounds respectively!)

    They do have to be pure-bred (papers), however, because I have a serious dog allergy to most other breeds and no dog deserves to bounce around or bounce back. (I don't care a whit if they are "show quality" – one of mine had every single fault in the book and was ADORABLE – I MUST care about being able to breathe, however!).

    Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, SCAC, MCC – (blogging at ADDandSoMuchMore and on ADDerWorld – dot com!)
    "It takes a village to transform a world!"

    1. *These were recommended to me by one of my most adorable blog followers… * *I haven’t tried them yet with Boo, and they look like balloons to me:) * *I hope they work in this deep freeze Calgary weather as well as the rain.* *I will post on my blog about how successful or not we are in the future:) *

      1. Thanks. I’ll go check out boots as my cookie for crossing some must-do stuff off my list! NOW all I have to do is write myself a note and try to put it somewhere I’ll find it again – sigh!

  2. I know, right?:)
    Now, we are on the hunt for the perfect pair of galoshes, perhaps in a manly bright colour? And they must me easy to put on and stay on without hampering his enjoyment of walking:)
    A tall order to be sure.

    1. we tried SO many pairs of cute boots from Petsmart, REI, the little boutiques. But the only ones that work perfectly (and cost cheaply, yay!) are the Pawz.

      Gwendolyn is a size small, and i think Boo would be, too!!! 🙂

      1. I hyperlinked that! Hope you can tell – the hyperlink colour kind of blends. (said like marisa tomei’s character did to joe pesci’s character in ‘my cousin vinney.’ haha 🙂

      2. *Those look awesomeand they look exactly like balloons:) Of course, there are tons of store here in Calgary that sell them. Will check it out next trip:)* *Thanks Nicole! *

  3. no typewritten words could render proper justice to the thoughts that are currently running through my head about the adorableness of this photograph!!!!!!!!!

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