1.  An ADDer starts thinking about the dreaded income tax return filing season as soon as all those T4’s start coming in the mail.  I put them all in the tray on my desk…which is located to the left of my iMac.
  2. I download my favourite income tax preparation software.
  3. In the filing system that super organized guru Hubby created for us, and taught me how to use and where I eventually put all our tax deductible receipts for the year that have accumulated on my desktop, I grab that pile when it starts to take up too much landscape on my desk and put them in the file labeled “medical”.  My husband will gather all of those for me soon, put them in an envelope and write medical receipts 2011 on the envelope, then put that envelope in the tray with the income slips.
  4. On the day that envelope bugs me by just being there, in my peripheral vision all the time, I get hubby’s giant calculator and start adding them up.  Then, I write the total on a post it.
  5. Then, I add them up again.  Different total this time?  I separate the receipts by person, in our case 2.  THen I add up each pile.  Throw away the old post it, take a new post it, record the total and place on top of each pile.  Then, I add the 2 piles.  Now, at this point, I’m annoyed so I go outside to smoke, the bathroom or just stand up and walk away for 5 minutes.  Not more.  ‘Cause I’m annoyed.  When I come back, I turn the piles upside down and start to add up each pile again.  Then I add them together and write the totals on new post it notes.  If the totals are the same when I compare the 2 sets of post its,  I write the sub totals and the grand total on the envelope, put the receipts back in the envelope and back into the tray.  Now I move on to something else far more enjoyable.  I forget about the stupid receipts.
  6. Eventually, in the next few days, having that constant view of the envelope in my side vision bugs me enough to want to start the job, so I do.  Doesn’t matter what time of day or night the urge to start strikes me, I go with it.  Right then and there.
  7. Once I start using the software I begin to enjoy the process of entering all the information and answering the questions in the software that determines which deductions we might be eligible for.  My hyper focus has kicked in at this point so I am sure I will finish the whole thing on this day.  I will NOT file it though.  Not on the same day.  I do record on another post it who owes what, or who is getting money back, and I stick those post its at the bottom of my iMac.
  8. It’s a couple of days later and it’s been nagging at me to file the finished returns electronically, so…, now I do.  But not before I open those files, and look through them.  Just to make sure those results still make sense to me.  Although most people look forward to getting a refund I personally prefer to pay a little.  Makes me feel good to know that I have NOT given too much of my money to the government and kept it for myself instead:)
  9. Once I’m reassured I haven’t missed anything I get the access codes I received in the mail IN DECEMBER out of my telephone/address book.  This is the only place I’ve had luck not losing them.  I also have the log ins for everyone in the same place.
  10. As soon as those tax returns have been submitted I feel my tensioned filled body start to loosen.  I record the confirmation codes for each return I’ve submitted on the post its and stick them back onto the bottom of my iMac.

Now it’s time to celebrate, pat myself on the back for getting through another year meeting my obligation and responsibility as a Canadian taxpayer and savour that feeling of accomplishment.  I Do NOT skip this step.  It is the only motivation I have to continue to get the tax returns done on time in the future.  I must always have something pleasurable to look forward to as well.  I crank the tunes, dance around, and do whatever I consider might be fun in the moment.  It’s never the same thing.  I am mostly all smiles for the next 2 weeks until notification comes from the CRA showing I’ve filed our taxes correctly as far as they can tell for now.  Good enough for me.

BTW, are you wondering why a person like ME is responsible for a complex job like filing income tax returns for a family of four?  Yeah.  Me too LMAO  Actually, every time I think of it I crack myself up ‘cause, you see, I work for the tax department:)

Isn’t that the funniest damn thing you’ve ever heard?


7 responses

  1. I am continually browsing online for articles that can assist me. Thx!

  2. An ADDer that does taxes?..I must give you credit. Oh wait,..that would be if you worked for a loan company. Confusion hits.

    1. I know, right, it’s the most bizarre thing that I do the income tax returns and that I work for the tax department!
      Like I said…cracks me up every time LOL

  3. It is always preferable to have your money somewhere earning interest or giving you pleasure than to have the government hold it for you during an entire year. Of course, you don’t want to owe too much of a large amount at tax time because it will flag at a certain amount for a certain number of years, at which point you will be obligated to make extra tax payments throughout the year. Here in Canada, if you owe more than $3000 two years in a row, you’ll get a letter from Revenue Canada saying you have make payments 4 times a year on top of what you are already paying….and if you don’t make those payments on time or for the amount they say, you will pay interest!
    Who wants to do that?:)

    1. mama mia! that’s fantastic advice! thank you!!! (now i see why you’re doing your family’s taxes). 🙂

      1. Mama mia! now I’ve got that silly movie in my head 🙂

  4. bahahahaha! the concluding comments of your blog entries never cease to intrigue me! i’m pretty ticked off that i owe money this year for the first time in my life, so i will use your strategy of feeling good about it. LMAO. thank you! 🙂

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