Do you wonder about all the CONFLICT in your Life?

click the link to read clarification on what each means

Conflict Resolution Mistakes To Avoid


How many of these are you guilty of?

  1. Avoiding conflict altogether
  2. Being Defensive
  3. Overgeneralizing
  4. Being Right
  5. Psychoanalyzing/Mind-Reading
  6. Forgetting to Listen
  7. Playing the Blame Game
  8. Trying to “WIN” the Argument
  9. Making Character Attacks
  10. Stonewalling

If you are interested in knowing my answers, well, I’m sorry to say that I am GUILTY of ALL of them, every single one!

Especially number 4, because in my mind I am ALWAYS RIGHT and if by chance I am wrong it’s because I misunderstood the question LMAO

No, seriously, becoming a “know it all” is quite common for an ADDer/ADHDer because we see the “big picture” easily, it’s the details we miss.  Something I learned from the book “ADD Stole My Car Keys” by Rick Green and  Dr. Umesh Jain.

While I was laughing of course:)

Which is how they get me.

Disarm me with humour so I will actually hear what they are saying.

I’m starting to get seriously annoyed at them.


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