Impulsive much?

Here is a great example of my impulsive shopping habits.  I saw a sign saying 3 sweater dresses for $10.00.  I immediately thought “SCORE!”  I love sweater dresses and this winter is mild enough for me to wear them and how can I possibly lose for $10.00?!?

So, the day before the CHADD Conference, images of me in my great new sweater dress (on the left) with my new boots will make me look like someone fairly well pulled together.  OMG!  How delusional was I?

Reality set in when I got dressed, and if that one on the left is a sweater dress I am a freakishly tall woman!  It’s a dumb ole tunic:(  I wore my lycra skinny jeans underneath, with my boots, completely messing up the image of myself that I had in my head.  I was very annoyed with myself.

Now, taking this picture of all three, I can plainly see that the red one is the only actual sweater dress, although some might argue that the middle one, striped, is as well, I assure you that a woman of my age should not consider wearing any kind of dress that short:)  Because, you know, there are children that might see you.

Still, one bright red, short-sleeved sweater dress for $10.00 is not a loss is it?

Well, I guess I probably have to actually wear it to justify that statement.

Heavy sighs happening over here.


3 responses

  1. I am impressed with this website, rattling I am a fan.

  2. I have no idea how they are supposed to be worn but even so, a tunic is still too short to wear with leggings, for me anyway. I used to know someone that wore long tops with leggings all the time in an attempt to hide herself and it really was not flattering in any way. Just one more way we delude ourselves, by hiding underneath clothes as well as our hair…you know, wearing hair hanging in the face is a disguise, like using a lot of make up and making sure no one sees you without it:)
    I’m more an “in your face’ “what you see is what you get kinda person, plus, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to my appearance, only putting in the minimum effort to appear slightly put together rather than anyone guessing that I put in any effort at all.
    I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’ve put an effort into my physical appearance. Not really sure why though. Probably something to do with something that happened when I was young, like everything else it seems.
    I never get anything fitted…actually most of my clothes are semi-fitted or just baggy:) I think a woman with curves looks much better than one without curves. And I always have the impression that a woman is confident in herself when she wears clothes that flatter and fit her, regardless of her shape or size.

  3. stillstrange | Reply

    Sweater Dresses nowadays are supposed to be worn with leggings underneath, I think. That’s the style, isn’t it? I used to love sweater dresses but they just don’t do my curves? justice anymore.

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