What Game are You the Master of? this mornings Plinky answer

I’m still unable to link my Plinky answers to my blog but I thought this mornings question was funny.  Well, my answer is kinda funny.

  • I Win!
  • Clumsy PelicanI know a little bit about a ton of things and this applies to my less than masterful attitude about games. Some physical games I approach with lots of enthusiasm and very little skill. Which usually ends up with me injured in some annoying way. And if it’s a team sport, my side will lose. I make my team LOSERS LMAO
    And then, there are the indoor games, ones where people are usually seated. These are difficult for me, because I get bored/distracted/bored/distracted/ or am way to busy talking to pay attention long enough to follow what’s going on with the game! Nobody wants me as their partner that’s for sure LOL
    Even a so-called active indoor game, like charades or Twister…I still have to wait my turn, not call out the answer to the other team and flexibility is not really part of my physical prowess.
    Impulsive, gabby and easily distracted, clumsy…a surefire way to master NO game.
    And, I’m not crazy about losing.
    After all that, you’d think I’d avoid participating in games…but, no-o-o-o…I always play anyway.
    Because I don’t care all that much…after all, it’s just a game. No biggie.
    right? Not right?
    That’s what my hubby says when he gets saddled with me as his partner. Personally, I think he’s just WAY too competitive.
    He needs to lighten up.
    Just sayin’.

2 responses

  1. Well, I kinda get that, ’cause if ever I were to become good enough to win anything I’d be a TERRIBLE winner…and even with all the practice I’ve gotten with losing, I’m a terrible loser too LOL
    I think the physicality of sports gets too much adrenilin going making lots of men aggressive whether they win or lose.
    And, I’ve noticed that competitive is often combative for plenty of the male species, whether it be games, sports or that good old one-upmanship they like to play:)

  2. stillstrange | Reply

    Most men will not lighten up on games. I cannot believe the change in my husbands mood when his team wins or loses. It’s like it affects him personally. Good thing, they win And lose ocassionally.

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