5 months later

I have been blogging here since October 8, 2012.  The reason I know this is because I rewrote my “About Me” page and noticed the date.  It doesn’t feel like 5 months, but then, what the heck do I know about how long 5 months should feel like?

Anyway….Halloween (Dead Kennedys song)

Bryan Hutchinson, from ADDer World http://adderworld.ning.com/forum/topics/spooky-adhd-ghost-stories?commentId=2091449%3AComment%3A158024&xg_source=msg_com_forumposted in his blog that he wants to create a fun Halloween e-book with ADD/ADHD scary stories in it.  He requested some stories from us followers, and I submitted my favourite one, which you can read by clicking the link above.

Once I was done with my rewrite he requested (to include how ADD/ADHD affected each part of my story), I sent him a message to say how I much enjoyed his blog and his sense of humour.

Which got me to thinking about me.  Of course it did.  After all, everything always ends up being about me, doesn’t it?

I don’t think that has anything to do with ADD/ADHD, because it’s something everyone feels…every situation always becomes about how it affects them in the end.

Anyway, I’d great appreciate some feedback about my rewrite on my About Me page and even about my scary story on the ADDerWorld site.

Thank you all.

Income Tax Cocktail

Income Tax Cocktail (Photo credit: Kenn Wilson)

I gotta go do my income taxes now.  Well, soon.  At least start it. Which I did, start it that is.  Yesterday.  Hubby got the medical receipts file, I sorted through that endless amount of paper, dividing it into 2 piles, his and mine.  Then, after taking an Advil for the humongous headache I had, I took a break.  Just before bedtime, I created little sub-piles of the prescription receipts.  Once those were organized into more manageable stacks, I put post it notes on each with a total.  At this point, I could feel my eyes burning in my head, which could be because it was past 11 PM and I was tired.

Now, I get to go through that crazy bunch of paper to make a grand total, then enter that information into the income tax software.  Did I mention I already entered our income information slips into the tax software?  I can’t really remember when I did this, but it’s there.  Which means I’ll have to recheck the information since I can’t remember doing it, which means I probably made some careless mistakes, which means I’m going to have another headache…which means more Advil…

I wonder if I take Advil before starting the headache will not happen…?

Have a good day everyone!Happy face high res


2 responses

  1. Well, Bryan is writing a humorous Halloween book, with the humour coming from that great ADD/ADHD inability to think a single coherent thought if we feel too much anxiety or panic over anything…whether it be real or not.
    It has a lot to do with just scaring ourselves witless at any given moment…you know, irrational fears etc.
    Although, my son and I fail to see the entire episode as funny, like Hubby does:)
    When he laughs too hard and too long, we just say “Whatever” and walk away. LOL

  2. I love your updated About Me page. I may take the lead and update mine soon.

    A Halloween ADD Scary Story Book is a tough concept for me. I freak out over most things Halloween; I need to think on that. Your story was great though. I do have some coming to mind but I’m not sure if they would fit.

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