Putting out the fires

The Firemen

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I have spent practically the whole day putting out the fires I have created with impulsivity, moment of weakness induced YES answer to a favour procrastination.  ADD/ADHD at it’s finest.

This may sound like I’m making excusesbut that is not my intention.  I just want to show how I realize what I did to create the issues.

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#1 – Last week, I made an appointment with my doctor to renew my prescription for Dexedrine.  Annoys me to no end to do this because of the short leash he keeps me on, doling out the prescription for only 2 months at a time, forcing me to see him frequently or, my other choice, stop taking the medication.

The next day I received in the mail a postcard type advertisement for a medical clinic 5 minutes away from my home with a doctor taking on new patients!  I immediately called, made an appointment for today and called my regular doctor’s office to cancel the appointment I had made to see him tomorrow!  I felt so excited to “finally be rid of that bugger” and to have the opportunity to see a different doctor in this city “with not enough doctors” to go around!  When Hubby got home I told him the great news, received a less than excited for me reaction and a shake of the head.  Huh.  I momentarily paused then put it out of my mind.  Whatever.  He just doesn’t realize how much I cannot stand my doctor.

This morning, when I got up at 4 AM, I realized I needed a list of my symptoms along with the diagnosis I got last year, plus a list of other diagnosis I had received and been treated for in the last 10 years.  I also had to write out when I started the long-term sick leave and talk about the therapy I got etc.  At this point, it was 6 AM, I had not written out anything at all and I was feeling pretty damn put out at all I had to do before I could see this new doctor.  Especially if I wanted him to give me a prescription for Dexedrine, I had to make sure my story was coherent and in order, otherwise I’d be spinning my wheels and wasting all my time.  At 8:05 AM…still no lists made…I picked up the phone and cancelled the appointment.  Then I called my regular doctors office to book another appointment which will be only on the 28th of this month…at least the lady thought to ask if I had enough meds to last me til then.  I do.

#2 –  When my son emailed me a couple of weeks ago to ask some income tax questions, he had also asked me to do his new friend/co-workers income tax return.  I said yes.  So the guy and his wife came that weekend with their tax information and receipts etc.  Right then I knew I should not have said yes.  Bummer.  I had not even touched that file since then, but the guy is getting antsy so I started to feel somewhat pressured.  Then, he told me he couldn’t file online because he did not have his account established yet so he’d have to mail the whole thing.  Double bummer.  I opened that file this morning after the doctor fiasco, started adding up the receipts, etc. entering all the information in my software.  Then I noticed the time and that the dishes weren’t done yet and I was not dressed yet.  I went upstairs, got dressed, changed my sheets, went downstairs to do the dishes and noticed the garbage can was overflowing and remember I thought yesterday I had to change it, then I had to go back upstairs to search for my son’s birth certificate because he let his drivers license expire and now needed his birth certificate to renew, then I looked for my tax account log in’s but could not find them anywhere in those files, became quite frustrated and upset, yelling out loud I was going to fire my Hubby as chief organizer when I couldn’t find at damn thing in his senseless system, stomped downstairs and outside to smoke and pace, slamming myself around as I tried to stomp of my anger, came back in and did the dishes, breaking a couple because I was slamming them around.  Went back to the guys tax files on the kitchen table, brought them to the computer to enter the info.  Then I had to print all the pages for him.


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It is now 3:30 in the afternoon.  I am done.  Done.  Done.

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Now I just have to check the information to make sure it is correct before I let him know it’s ready, like I said it would be when he asked on Friday!  And I have to remember to ask Hubby where the hell my log in information is!

Just because I know how to do something, and can do it well, does not mean I should continue to do it!  I now take a solemn vow NOT to agree to do anyone’s income taxes anymore…cross my heart, stick pins in my eyes.

Pins in It

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I need a good stiff drink.

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