Going back to work! probably

Monday Monday

Monday Monday (Photo credit: soonerpa)

I went to a meeting yesterday with my employer to discuss the position they were offering.  The cast of characters attending this little meeting was the director of my previous job, my supervisor there, my potential new supervisor, the director of this new job and the Employee Relations person.

I don’t suffer from any kind of shyness or anxiety when I meet or interview for new jobs.  Probably because the potential of new and exciting  circumstance blocks out all other feelings in me.

I must say that they have taken what seems to be extraordinary lengths to create a position more suitable for me from a previous more confined position.

Instead of just one sole duty for one department, they have taken similar work from a few other departments, added in a bunch of other miscellaneous activities to “break up the day” and combined them all together as one position specifically for me.  All of the activities used to be 2 separate jobs plus miscellaneous oddities from 5 different people.

And, yes, I am wise enough to realize those oddities are more than likely the least favourite things they dumped because they had the opportunity.

They even gave me the option to have 2 desk areas on 2 different floors in 2 different departments.  Which I thought was kinda cute, you know?  After all, we are talking about the federal government, rigid and uncompromising  in all things.  I am aware of how creative they had to get to come up with this plan for me, even though it is not really all that creative.  LOL

When it was time for me to ask any questions I only had one.  It was “If it turns out that all of this is NOT enough to keep me busy are you able to come up with anything additional for me to do when asked?  Quickly.”  The newer acquaintances had a surprised look on their faces, and my previous bosses plus the Employee Relations lady were chuckling.  They knew exactly where I was going with this and found it funny.

You see, if I have to endure any down time I become…hmmm…shall we say Disruptive?  Yes.  That’s a perfect word for me when I have down time.  Nothing to do is deadly for me.

I stand up.  I pace.  I start complaining about not being busy.  I even whine a little about the boredom.  This is after 3 minutes of inactivity.  If the down time continues I become a little louder…perhaps because I think no one heard me?  Anyway, in a little as ten minutes (so I’m told), I have worked myself up into something of a frenzy, desperate and loud, frantically trying to not become brain-dead and irritated because the “powers that be” have not brought a stack of work to my desk for me to tackle.

I am not particular about what the work is, I just need the challenge of getting it done.  I have to be busy.  Busy work.  I must have something to do.

Absolutely.  Positively.  Necessity.  Mandatory.

They even tried setting me free to go around and “chat” with all the people I know (which is a lot because I’ve been working for them 6 years and have worked in 4 different departments during those 6 years).

Inane chatter to kill time is not a successful way to help me.  Actually, I dislike inane chatter, I dislike killing time and I insist on just going home instead.  Which, in the end, they always let me do.

Then, I am gone, gone, gone, carried by hurricane force winds out the door and the building.

OK.  Off topic, I digress once again.

When I prepared for this meeting I took, pen, notebook, tape recorder, cell phone, iPod, and the letter from the doctor that listed all of the conditions my employer needed to accommodate.

I used none of the above.

When I was finally able to escape the one and a half hour meeting (which felt like HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS), my mind was a jumble of information, whirling and twirling around in my head like a pile of leaves in a strong wind.  All I could think about was getting outside.  Leaving was priority and nothing could intrude on that goal, not even my bosses.  Actually, I remember suddenly standing up in the conference room, extending my hand to each of them, thanking them for all the work they did and walking out the door with a reminder to them to contact me Friday for conformation on the Monday start.

I guess that told them all they really needed to know about me.


3 responses

  1. Yes, going back to work starting Monday, 4 hours a day for 5 days, then 6 hours a day for 10 days. At that point everyone, me included, will evaluate how I’m feeling and coping. If all is good, and I mean really really good, I will start full time hours. If not, we will either extend the shorter hours per day for a longer period of time or find something else for me to do.
    Since it was windy and freezing cold!!! unlike everyone else in North America who were wearing bikinis!!! I ended up wearing my comfy jeans LOL, a bright T, a colourful shirt on top of that, a Hoodie and a coat. AND my hot pink and brilliant turquoise sneakers LMAO Plus I was a bit late meeting my one and only work buddy for our lunch AND about a million people stopped me practically every step I took to chat! What a lot of work! Being friendly/civil:) And the director and my other manager of the centre where I used to work were with me and they were trying to prevent all the delays…it was like a silly comedy LOL

    1. a very functional silly comedy at that! LOL.
      i open for business tomorrow at 12:01am. i will be announcing my new company to my blog girls on monday. and i begin school at the institute for integrative nutrition on monday! we will both have very busy mondays! 😀
      i will be thinking about your experience all day, looking forward to your evening update!

  2. So, what’s the verdict? Will you be going back to work on Monday?

    But most importantly, what did you wear to the meeting? 😀

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