ADHD medication + Impulsivity=Bitten Tongue?

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I just got confirmation that my employer will be expecting me Monday morning!  So excited!  And conflicted.

A thousand thoughts of all the things that must get done by Monday morning, none of them really that important, but nonetheless, whirling around in my head forcing me to make another list.

My return to work schedule is going to me Monday to Friday, 4 hours per day, starting next Monday morning at 8:30 AM…well, close to it anyway.  Then, the next 2 weeks will be for 6 hours per day and then on the 4th week, I will start full-time on that Tuesday.

The rational, intelligent part of my brain is saying to take it slow, take your time, don’t rush it, don’t push yourself to do too much right away, don’t insist on returning to full-time hours immediately.  I will give the credit for these types of thoughts to the medication I take for ADHD.

The other part of me, the impulsive, irrational, jump head first into it and don’t look back part of me, is making my stomach clench with excitement.  Something new!  New job, new building, new boss, new duties, new co workers.  All bright shiny and different!  Yeah!  Yipee!

I’m having a hard time reigning it in.  Hardly able to imagine myself going slow, taking it one step at a time without skipping a few of the boring steps, like waiting.

I can be so convincing when I show my enthusiasm.  I’m positive I can convince them all in less than an hour that I can work full-time hours immediately.  I’ve done it before.  I’m sure I can do it again.

Besides, I’m every superhero all wrapped into a tiny little package.  Why wouldn’t I be able to get right in there and do all those easy tasks they said I will have to do?  They said there is a learning curve.  Seriously.  Do they not understand who they are talking to?  Don’t they remember how fast I was before.  Learning their easy procedures to get their easy work done fast and efficiently is a piece of cake for me.  They know that.

Crazy stuff, right?  I’m not alone.

Apparently, I am so typical.  If you check out ADDerworld and look at the various people posting in the forums, you’ll see hundreds of people just like me.  Ready to jump the gun at the drop of a hat, all gung-ho and ready to go full throttle.  No worries.  We are superhuman.  And smart.  What a combination!

I will admit, I’m suddenly tired, physically feeling a sudden weight on my shoulders.

Will I, or won’t I be able to reign myself in without a stronger dose of medication?  My next doctor’s appointment is Wednesday, 2 days after I start working.  Hopefully, I can bite my tongue enough til then.  Without biting it off.

Speaking of Adderworld, Bryan Hutchinson is having a contest, Celebrate Kindle Publication with $300 worth of Amazon Gift Cards! click on the link below to read the rules and instructions
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I’m almost positive I mentioned before Bryan’s publication, 10 Things I Hate About ADD.  I enjoy Bryan’s way of writing because he always makes me smile.  The reviews show he inspired many with his story called

I will enter this posting in the contest.  After all, how much more clear can the ADD mind be after reading this? LOL

BTW, if you have any suggestions on how to control myself, I will welcome them with relief and gratitude.

Thank you all!


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