Wanted: New Doctor

Hostile Ambient Takeover

Hostile Ambient Takeover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back from the doctor’s office with a new prescription for 2 months of an increased dosage of Dexedrine spansules, from 30mg to 45mg in the morning and another appointment for next Wednesday.

The reason for the 2nd visit one week away is my blood pressure has soared “high” for me, 132 over 80 when it usually is 105/78.  In addition to the blood pressure concern, he said I was coming across as aggressive and hostile so he wants to keep a close watch on that too.

I may have been aggressive and hostile because he was aggravating me to no end with his endless platitudes, talking about “everyone has evil in them” and they must control their inappropriate behaviour…something else about “emotional IQ” and that I was like a “kid in a new school”.

At this point I interrupted him and informed him that I was not fearful nor anxiety ridden about anything going on in my life at this time.   I am very irritated and annoyed which in turn quickly escalates into anger whenever I have to sit through nonsense with people who waste my time.

He made numerous notes on my file this morning.

He was not grinning like an idiot when I left as he was when he came in.

He readily admits that I know more about ADHD than he does.

He also said he has no interest nor any time to learn more about ADHD.

I truly need a new doctor that is more informed than the average MD.

Dr. Umesh Jain, where are you when I need you?


2 responses

  1. Time to find a new doctor. Good luck with that.

    1. It just won’t happen here in Calgary AB. #1, if you already have a doctor they “frown upon” trying to change doctors and #2, rarely are there doctors accepting new patients.
      Such a disservice to so many people! I truly hate it.

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