Yesterday I finally had work to do!!!
And my stuff arrived from my previous work location!
And I had SO MUCH energy I whizzed through the work, emptied the large container of stuff, sorted and put away, with half of it going to recycling. AMAZING!
And, my desk decor is uncluttered, with pictures of hubby, children, grandchildren and a fabulous family photo of me and my siblings that makes me laugh every time I glance at it, neatly hung in my cubicle:)

Remains to be seen whether the work was done correctly.
After 2 hours of working I forced myself to take a break, power walked a few blocks to Starbucks, bought a latte and power walked back to the office.
On the train home I experienced an overwhelming need to close my eyes, feeling suddenly completely drained. It was over before I reached my stop.
I was full of energy for the afternoon, created an impromptu stir fry for supper because I forgot to take meat out of the freezer for hubby’s supper. It was actually delicious.
I did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen at 8pm…it has been my habit to do this in the early morning hours when I get up.
I had read a tip in the ADDitude online magazine that to ensure my morning routine was simple and less stressful I needed to complete as much as possible the evening before. So, taking it to heart I did just that. We’ll see how it goes when I leave this morning.
Did I mention I have itchy knees-front and back of them, elbows and ankles? So itchy I scratch ’til I bleed. I am not using any new products and I was so mad at the doctors I forgot to mention it.
I’ll mention it for sure next Wednesday.
Driving me batty!
Oh. I forgot to mention a moment at the doctor’s office that struck me as kinda funny.
Doc says”Ok. You win.”
I say “It’s not a contest.”
He says “No? I thought it was.” while he glances up at me.
Then with of look of apology says…
“Sorry. You’re right. It’s not a contest.”
I sure wish I could have seen the look on my face that prompted him to back off like that.
I’d perfect it and use it to death I’m sure.


5 responses

  1. This is all fine and lovely, and of course I’m ecstatic that your day was productive and kind and all; but what I REALLY want to know is: what did Boo do during the day? 🙂 Please write something from Boo’s perspective. My mind is so curious! Heart you, Jeg! 😀

    1. Woof! Boo here. Not happy. Mommy is gone…makes me sad. I lie in my kennel until she comes home, treat sitting under my nose. I’m not even tempted!
      But when Mommy comes in the door….Yippee Ei AY! Par-ta!!!
      Lots of lovins’ and so much joy we share:)
      I do love my Mommy SO much!
      Guess that makes me a “momma’s boy”…and I don’t care.

      1. Hi, Boo! Mommy is taking pics of me with the webcam. It’s annoying. But apparently it’s for you, so whatev. Just for you. Here’s the link to the latest and greatest. Enjoy! (PS: We’re so weird over here). 😀

  2. I’m not sure if I considered it a great feeling per se. I’d say mildly satisfying to finish something that gives no pleasure? LOL

  3. Isn’t it a great feeling to accomplish things?

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