Fall down and go BOOM!

Saw my fav guy…the doc…he’s changing my meds from Dexedrine to Strattera.  Different family of meds-Dexedrine is a stimulant and Strattera being more along the lines of a SSRI…whatever, it’s still medication.  

He also altered my return to work schedule, making it longer and somewhat less overwhelming…we think. It is changing to 4 hours daily for the next 3 weeks, then week 5 will be 6 hours a day for 4 days, week 6 will be 5 days at 6 hours a day, Week 7 will be 8 hours daily for 4 days so Wednesday I will be off to recuperate from the 2 full days of work.  At that point we will re-evaluate how I am doing and if all is normal enough I will be working full time May 14th.

Of course, old doc had to go and piss me off again, getting in my personal space, leaning forward in his chair to show his ‘concern’ but getting in my personal space.  He said Fine, I’ll just sit back here and be the “DOCTOR” when I told him to move it back and get out of my space.  Then he laughed, sorta, saying he thinks I know why it bothers me so much to have people “in my space”.  I told him, whatever.  that’s not as important as just making sure people get the hell out of my space!  He’s such a dork!

I have been suffering from intensely itchy knees (front and back) as well as my elbows.  Apparently it is stress related eczema and he prescribed a cortisone cream for it.

When I went to the pharmacy to have the prescriptions filled, the pharmacist said Strattera was not covered by either of my medical plans so it cost me $118!!!! @#$%#%$#@#$

Then, as I was starting to cross the busy boulevard, I saw the bus coming, started to run, had a sudden weakness in my knees that sent me flying to the ground, skidding on my knees onto the pavement, ripping both knees out of my black jeans and ripping the already painful skin off my knees!!!  Then I felt intensely embarrassed when I got on the bus and the bus driver asked me if I was Ok:(

Well, at least my knees are not itchy now…just bloody.


Needless to say, I am not going to work today.  I need to take a shower, wash my hair, have a coffee, report to my work counsellor the change of schedule fax he will be getting from my doctor (who will also be sending his bill along:))

Oh, and I have to go for some blood tests, after fasting for 10 hours (which is not a big deal for me) but the lab only books fasting appointments in the morning.  So, the first available time is Monday…holiday monday to boot…at 6:50 AM.  Again, the early hour is not much of a hardship for me, other than the fact that I will be driving the Suzuki.  Only a couple of blocks, but still, it is very dark at 6:50 AM here, and I have poor depth perception in the dark…crap, crap, crap.  I don’t want hubby to drive me ’cause he doesn’t get that much time off or the opportunity to sleep in a little bit.  I think if he can sleep, then he should sleep as long as possible…lucky little puke.

Oh.  I forgot to mention he gave me a couple of business cards for psychologist here that specialize in Adult ADHD.





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  1. stillstrange | Reply

    I’m sorry to hear about your knee’s but it’s a lot better then getting hit by a Bus!
    I have bad depth perception day and night. I’ve pretty much given up driving at night entirely. The lights are terrible for me as well. I would say just leave early and take it slow for your test, that’s what I do when I have to fast for a test.

    1. Thank you for the sympathy:) I now have black and blue knees, along with the blood…so pretty!!!
      I almost never drive anymore because of my distraction factor…the Suzuki is cushy and expensive so I really wouldn’t want to hurt it:) after all, it has to get me all the way across the country soon!

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