Another doctors’ visit

Spent the afternoon at the doctors’ office, waiting mostly, but also fuming as usual.  I really really need to end that!!!  It has gotten old and stale now, just thinkingabout it makes smoke come out of my ears.

Big Ears Big eared snowman Hopton, Suffolk.

Big Ears Big eared snowman Hopton, Suffolk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyway, lab tests results were spectacular, as usual, for I am as healthy as a horse as the saying goes.  Which is really a weird saying.  Think about it.  Why a horse?  Why not a dog?  Or a cat?  Or a zebra?

On Beyond Zebra!

On Beyond Zebra! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First thing doc did was sit and tell me how much of a hurry he is in…do I care?  What else is new?  Then he proceeded to say why the early visit?  What was I doing there?

The One Doctor

The One Doctor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I clamped my mouth shut, obstinately refusing to respond to what I took as provocative comments about my presence.  He continued on in that vein as he flipped through all the pages in my file, came across the lab results, concluded that was why I was there.  So I finally spoke up (and he was staring at me expectantly too).  “I’m here because you wanted me here.  I’m certainly not here because I want to see you again.”  Then he remembered he changed my meds, needed to check up on me etc.  He doubled my prescription for the Strattera, brushed aside my description of all the sleep I’ve been getting, putting that down to coming off the stimulants, and said to come back again next week, then left.

Shut It Down

Shut It Down (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I made the appointment for next Thursday and headed out into the rain.  Tried to keep my cigarette dry long enough to smoke it.  Almost was successful. As I was crossing the street to catch my bus…the bus left.  Which left me another 30 minutes to wait for the next one.  Then my iPod ran out of juice, leaving me wide open to the sounds of traffic, which got louder by the second.

San Ignacio, Belize: A short sun shower.. One ...

San Ignacio, Belize: A short sun shower.. One minute it was clear and sunny.. the next pouring rain.. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I finally got home, changed out of my wet clothes after letting poor little Boo out.

Green Thought Bubbles

Green Thought Bubbles (Photo credit: iNkMan_)

I was thinking about the people I see every morning in the train.  All glassy-eyed, all sitting or standing still, staring down or up or anywhere but at another person.  Avoiding all eye contact, trying to remain unseeing and unfeeling.  Completely disengaged.  Motionless, even the ones with the iPods.  Not even the most minute nod of the head or tap of the foot to keep time with the music.  I wonder if the iPod is actually on at all.  They have all turned inward to disengage themselves from what I can only conclude is their unpleasant train ride.  Perhaps they are all this way because their personal space has been invaded by strangers?  Are they just looking for a tiny piece of personal space when they turn themselves into zombie-like creatures?

All You Zombies (song)

All You Zombies (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unlike me.  Absorbing all sounds and lack of movement.  Making me stand out even more with my constant foot tapping, leg bouncing butt wiggling moves to the beat of my iPod.  My eyes constantly roaming through the faces of each individual seated and standing, not because I am particularly interested but because I am mind-numbingly bored and my attention wanders constantly.  My thoughts bounce around ideas, most outlandish and often mundane as they are quickly discarded by me.  No great moments of brilliance I’m afraid.

Raw is a creation by Fidget Feet, an aerial da...

Raw is a creation by Fidget Feet, an aerial dance company which performed at Junction 7.08 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although I did come up with the thought of Killing Time as a future blog post.  I have become an expert at Killing Time.  More to come on that.

Killing Time

Killing Time (Photo credit: R_rose)


Well, I must be off once again to the office.  In the train.  With the zombies.

Zombies are dumb.

Dot.AY - Don't Tell The Zombies

Dot.AY - Don't Tell The Zombies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


2 responses

  1. Doctors overbook their patients so much, a lot are becoming to much in a hurry. That was one of the reasons I dumped my Nephrologist.
    I think they use the Horse analogy because horses don’t get to many diseases, etc. and don’t need to much medical attention. It sounds like you are mainly going to see the doc for follow-up’s.
    My Spelling and Language skills suck this morning. Sorry.

    1. Yup… follow ups is what I do with him…every single appointment for the past 5 years is for follow ups LOL He’s such a dork!

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