Money (Pink Floyd song)

Money (Pink Floyd song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My favourite ADD/ADHD coach is writing a series about What Kind of World Do You Want to Live In? and this weeks post is about Money.  click this link to read Money Motivation Mythology by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie

I have to say my relationship with money is not similar to how my parents and siblings feel about money.  It’s not even similar to my Hubby’s beliefs.  However, it is certainly not unique, nor even original in thought…I think.

I have no particular strong feelings for money, whether it be a lot of money or not enough money.  Actually, I often wonder what constitutes “not enough money”.


Money (Photo credit: 401K)

Because really, not enough money means there is not enough money to provide shelter, warmth and sustenance.  It does not mean there’s not enough money to pay off the giant credit card bills used to buy meaningless toys, gadgets etc.  It does not mean not enough money to pay the outlandish mortgage payment on the giant houses or gas guzzling vehicles etc.

You get the picture.

Without money

Without money (Photo credit: Toban Black)

For me money is just this society’s tool to sustain our basic needs.  Anything else it does is superfluous.  Money is not the “root of all evil”.  People are the root of all evil.

Greed envy-m

Greed envy-m (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember going head to head on the subject with my parents, particularly my father, about this very subject, years and years ago when I was a teenager.  My feelings about money then have not changed 40 years later.  Does this mean I suffer from arrested development?  Immaturity?  Whatever.

My father believed that money was the “be-all and end-all” in life.  He was driven to the pursuit of money his entire life.  He firmly believed that without money people did not have any friends.

Everything in the World That Money Can Buy

Everything in the World That Money Can Buy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found that thought so incredibly offensive at the time I immediately got into a yelling match with dear old Dad that continued every time we were in the same room together.  I regarded him with disdain, sometimes pity, but mostly with a sneering disdain.  Money gave him the means to be flashy, attract people who gave him a sense of superficial worth and made him feel important.  Sad really.  At the time, it was just annoying.  And provoking.

After all, I was the quintessential hippie in training, embracing the opposite of what society valued at the time.

Hippie Powers Man!

Hippie Powers Man! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, I’m just blasé about money.  Pay the mortgage.  Buy the food.  Pay the utilities.   I have some…great.  I have none…bummer/oh well.   That is all I want/need in a nutshell.


money (Photo credit: 401K)

Everything else is about killing time, an upcoming post that is in the works.  Keep an eye for that.  Controversial it will be.

So, the kind of world I want to live in is a kinder, gentler world.  A world that does not worship the almighty dollar in any way.  Celebrities are people who do not promote excess.  Violence is not the norm.  Money does not make the world go round.  People are not killing other people for money.  Greed is a foreign concept.  The one with the most toys does not win.

DVD Cover of "Last Hippie Standing"

DVD Cover of "Last Hippie Standing" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People can have what they need for free.  Because they need it, not because they want it.


2 responses

  1. […] Money (ADDpositively – began as a comment – morphed into a blogpost – check it OUT!) […]

  2. VERY cool that you are spreading the “what kind of world” conversation to your readers! That’s how it starts – people sharing ideas with people who share ideas with other people who share ideas. (And thanks for the “plug” ::grin::)

    btw – I’m sure you realize that many would consider your views “Socialist,” if not “Communist. Mine too. (probably both of our fathers, and many from their generation, who rank the *possibility* of winning the “American Dream” Lotto highly enough to overlook the fact that all but a very small percentage are losing – and the ranks of those who are barely making it are growing every minute).

    Interesting, isn’t it, how black and white people can be where money is concerned? “If you’re not a stark raving Capitalist, then you must be a Communist.” Label and discount — American politics at work.

    At base is the same dynamic I complain about where attitudes toward ADD come into play – the belief that “trying hard enough” is all that’s necessary to make all your dreams come true. But back to money and governmental systems . . .

    The truth is that neither system is perfect (by a long shot!), and both systems have failed more people than either has served. We need to stop digging in and defending, attacking and counter-attacking, and take a cold, honest look at how we’ve set things up to play out the way they have. I don’t pretend to have the answer, but I do know that it’s not what we have now. (I LOVE “money is not the root . . . people are.”)

    In MY ideal world:
    * no child goes to bed hungry, dentures become a relic of a barbaric system, because quality dental care is a given for everyone born with teeth, and nobody would die or languish because they couldn’t AFFORD medical care;
    * everyone would have access to public education – HIGH QUALITY public education, the kind that would mentor them into their unique brilliance — and teaching would be a high-status job, greatly respected;
    * we would all feel and honor our connectedness to each other and to this tiny bb of a planet we cling to – and we would each be driven by personal accountability for responsible stewardship.

    In MY ideal world, there would be no need for soldiers because there would be no more war – but the kind of world I want to live in until that happy day would honor those who risked their lives for us (whether we agree with the war or NOT) with the very BEST of what our society has to offer, including all the support they need to heal psychologically from the traumas they witnessed and experienced personally. Our BEST doctors would compete for jobs at VA Hospitals, and those hospitals would be the absolute cream of the crop, by any standard we could measure,

    In MY ideal world, “politician” would be a dirty word, because ALL legislators would aspire to be statesmen. The media would return to the values of “investigative journalism” with a focus ONLY on providing honest, balanced, well-researched reportage — “sound bite” would be a laughable concept. ALL of the tabloids would dry up and blow away because humanity would have no taste for sensationalism, rumor and scandal – and would accord those with public lives the same rights to personal privacy that we would want for ourselves and our loved ones.

    And in MY ideal world, there would be a radical shift from revenge to healing — ALL citizens would insist that the prisons system is barbaric, and that our psychiatric hospitals must have whatever they needs to focus on healing sick minds.


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