Christina Aguilera: ‘Fighter’ Performance on ‘The Voice’! | Christina Aguilera, The Voice : Just Jared

Did you see Christina’s performance last night on The Voice?  If not, you can watch by clicking the link below.

All I have to say is Christina Aguilera must change how she dresses…no more performances in anything that looks like a bathing suit!!!  And fire the person that put in the weave…I could see the joining of that weave on the back of her head while she was performing!  Awful!

A woman with a voice such as Christina Aguilera does not need to attempt looking killer sexy.  Those attempts detract from the appreciation of her gifted voice.  All that artifice does nothing to enhance her beauty…instead, it lessens her credibility as the greatest voice of our time.

More clothes, Christina.  Cover the less than perfect svelte body, being fully clothed will camouflage the Teletubby type body shape you have and enhance the better features of your physical self.  Come on…surely you have enough cash to pay a better stylist and/or PR firm.  Change the image from an aging 30 something woman trying to look sexy to a gorgeous artist with taste and some refinement.

Then we can concentrate on that wonderful voice.  There is no need to cheapen yourself by trying to sell an image that does nothing for you but open you up to ridicule.

Just sayin’.  You can be better.  So much better.


Christina Aguilera: ‘Fighter’ Performance on ‘The Voice’! | Christina Aguilera, The Voice : Just Jared.


5 responses

  1. I used to think like that Andrea, that if my body was like that I’d flaunt it but when I had the chance I did not flaunt anything:) Besides, If I had a voice like Christina I’d wear a burlap bag, no make up and keep my hair as it is just to prove to myself that I did have the greatest voice ever LOL

  2. I agree! I wondered why the hell she was wearing that outfit! It was a lil ridiculous..

  3. I agree… I think she needs to stop dressing like she is 17 years old still. But to each their own .. I guess!

  4. This was the inspiration for my morning post, but apparently my mobile comment didn’t take! Boo! (not the doggy, hehe). 🙂

  5. My modesty would be the only thing keeping me from flaunting a body like that lol. She’s much thinner than she has been.

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