Null Hypothesis | Cure for ADHD Found

OK, y’all.  You know I jest, inappropriately quite often.  This being said, when I read the article below I chuckled while I remembered getting smacked way too many times to count.

So, I have the proof that the prescription for curing ADHD described in this tongue-in-cheek article is NOT the cure…ME.  I am the proof.  I took this medicine daily, administered without fail a minimum of twice a day, more often than not 5 times a day, every single day until I grew up and left home.

THIS DOES NOT WORK.  DO NOT try it.  You will hurt your hands, break your wooden spoons and your leather belts will mysteriously disappear on a regular basis.  Not only will your hands sting and burn, you will get migraines from the ongoing rage that fills your head space and your heart will harden from lack of tenderness.  User beware.

reposted from ADDsherpa blog click to read full article Null Hypothesis | Cure for ADHD Found.


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