TOP 10 signs of ADHD or 33…

TOP Ten Manifestations of Adult ADHD

Cover of "Top Ten (Book 1)"

Cover of Top Ten (Book 1)

  1. Disorganized
  2. Reckless Driving/Traffic Accidents
    The Reckless Driver

    The Reckless Driver (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  3. Marital/Relationship Problems
  4. Extreme Distractibility
  5. Poor Listening Skills
  6. Restlessness, Problems Relaxing


    Restless_Comp1.jpg (Photo credit: remytherestless)

  7. Procrastination, Problems starting a Task
  8. Chronic Lateness
    The Late, Late, Late Show

    The Late, Late, Late Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  9. Angry outbursts (living on Anger Street)
    Straßenschild Anger - Bahnhofstraße, Erfurt

    Straßenschild Anger - Bahnhofstraße, Erfurt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  10. Prioritizing Issues                                                                                                         and then there are more:
  1. Losing track of thoughts/ideas in the middle of tasks
  2. Missing details or making careless mistakes
  3. Inability to complete assignments work/school
  4. Forgetfulness

    Forgetfulness helps the enemy. Don't let it ha...

    Forgetfulness helps the enemy. Don't let it happen here - NARA - 535247 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  5. Difficulty following instructions
  6. Restless, constantly shifting in chair, tapping feet or pencil playing or tugging at hair or clothing and unable to stop.
  7. Impulsive, childish i.e. Can’t stand waiting in line, constant interrupting, blurt out inappropriate comments, trouble anticipating consequences of their actions, change jobs frequently or have trouble keeping one, one task done well, the other done poorly, late, or incomplete, breezes through some things but can’t others,
    The Madman's Return

    The Madman's Return (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  8. Self-medicates with caffeine, cigarettes even street drugs
  9. Trouble staying in the present
  10. Hypersensitive…lights too bright, sounds too loud, touches irritating/annoying, smells too strong

    Pressure Sensitive

    Pressure Sensitive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  11. Social strangeness, ie. Life of the party or avoids social interactions, seems callous and insensitive to others often
    Cover of "Life of the Party"

    Cover of Life of the Party


  12. Short tempered, easily frustrated,
  13. No sense of time…overestimates or underestimates the amount of time it takes to complete any task, plans are vague or nonexistent
  14. Often extremely intelligent person that does “stupid” things
  15. Trouble focusing, spaces out often if not interested and can hyper focus if they are interested
    Spaced Out Bunny

    Spaced Out Bunny (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  16. Often have developed strange seemingly complex strategies to compensate their inabilities
  17. Agitated
  18. Laugh themselves silly…then cry
    Cry Now, Laugh Later

    Cry Now, Laugh Later (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  19. Easily overwhelmed
  20. Impulsive and Compulsive
    Careless "Borrowing" is Sabotage - N...

    Careless "Borrowing" is Sabotage - NARA - 514033 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  21. Barely aware of how their behaviour affects others
  22. Insomniac or excessive sleeper
    Insomnia smiley

    Insomnia smiley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  23. No boundaries, often invades other’s personal space                                    and last but certainly not least….                                                FORGETFULNESS.                                                                               HOW MANY OF THESE SIGNS APPLY TO YOU???

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    In typical ADD fashion, Top “ten” became 33 – complete with great graphics (not a lot of words, so a quick and funny read). Enjoy this post – and check out this blog. It’s great! — xx, mgh

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