Stye in my eye…pig in a poke?

Diabetes365 Day 34- December 4, 2007- Stye on ...

This was the size Saturday evening

I struggled with this stupid stye in my eye since early Saturday evening, when it first started itching.  Sunday morning it had grown and by Sunday evening I couldn’t see out of my right eye.  I felt sure it was going to have burst by this morning, but no o o o o o …it’s still there and bigger than ever with an added pocket of something swelling beneath the eye as well.  Hot compresses feel good while they are hot and on the eye and I have some eye antibiotic cream/gel like substance to put on it.  I felt so sure I’ve never had this before only to find out by my oldest sister that I was plagued by styes as a child.  I have not a single recollection of such a thing!  How weird!  And such a freakin’ pain in the proverbial BUTT!  Yes, that’s right, my butt is now located on my face where my eye used to be.  AND…I have to go to work like this!


2 responses

  1. I remember those. I used to get them all the time. I remember my mother use to say you could get them from reading in bad light. Doubt there is much truth in that or I would still be getting them.

    1. They are really staph infections of the small eyelash gland…and a major pain in all ways!

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