My house in Grand Manan NB

I was sure I had already posted a photo of my little house in Grand Manan  but apparently I had not.  It was probably in my other blog that I forgot about:)

Anyway, here it is, my new little home that beckons me for the past 4 years.

Soon…soon I will be there:)

A few facts; small, coming in at 900 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, eat in kitchen and the front entrance opens right into the

living room, which is also small.  The back entry opens right into the kitchen.  To the left of the house (not in view) is our shed.








The shed……..


The forest in the back is part of our land, the open space beyond the top of the driveway is just more land and to the right, also not in view is more land still.

This photo shows my back yard towards the left.





When I stand in my kitchen, looking out the window while I wash dishes, I have a spectacular view of THE BAY OF FUNDY!  Water as far as the eye can see!

The 2 windows on the right front of the house are in the living room, which opens up into the kitchen that also has 2 windows.  The window to the left of the front door is the home office and the window on the far left is the spare bedroom.  My master bedroom is on the far left in the back, with a large window, and the laundry room is in the bathroom that also has a large window. Mucho sunlight/daylight fill this tiny home!

The light fills my heart:)



2 responses

  1. stillstrange | Reply

    How exciting! However, with my wonderful stomach issues, we could not live in a house with 1 bath. We did that for a few months when we first got married but things were not so bad then.

  2. These photographs fill my heart! How lovely!

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