Another weekend over…

The weekend is over and it’s back to work.


K.A.T. (Photo credit: hippydream [I hate Mondays])

Yes, we are lucky to have a job.

It's Working

It’s Working (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I go back people will be full of stories about all the wonderful things they did during their weekend.  Or they will talk about how busythey were.


Lucky (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My weekend was busy too.  I was very busy sleeping.

Description unavailable

Description unavailable (Photo credit: . mar .)



ZzzzzzZzzz.. (Photo credit: petredaniel)

And, I slept in this morning.  7 hours of sleep last night.


Zzzzzzzzzz (Photo credit: kflickr)

No, I will not be one of the people sharing a story about my great weekend.


TGIF (Photo credit: GraceOda)


One response

  1. stillstrange | Reply

    Actually, if you share the story of your great, resful wknd, I’m sure a lot of mom’s and others will envy you.

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