2nd night in a row sleeping 7 hours.


sleep (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Waking up to the alarm with hubby.

This worries me.


Worriedface (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How strange that sleeping through the night should worry me!

It is because a radical change in behaviour signals something is wrong.

But what?

I don’t know.  Too sleepy to figure it out.

Let Sleeping Children Lie

Let Sleeping Children Lie (Photo credit: stewickie)

Yesterday at work I finished a giant project.  My 2nd giant project since I’ve been back full-time.

The gratitude and admiration for the work I did was palpable.  And seemed sincere.

I was intrigued.  The work I did seemed easy and inconsequential.

All or Nothing

All or Nothing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They think it was difficult and important.

Why do we see the opposite end of the spectrum?

Grateful Dead discography

Grateful Dead discography (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t get it.


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