Does Boo have ADD/ADHD?

Boo came into my life 4 and a half years ago.  Such a tiny little bundle of brown fur, fun-loving and affectionate, with a never before seen by me ability to just sit still and watch as the cats circled him warily, sniffing and growling.  Now, he’s a little bigger and has cream coloured fur.  Handsome either way:)

Too cute!

He never said “boo” while they did their thing…hence the name “Boo”.

My little Boo has been a constant companion to me since.  Loyal, protective, loving and territorial while sensitive to my needs and moods.

I had to teach him how to bark.  It took 2 years.  Otherwise, he would just sit in front of the door waiting for someone to notice he had business to do outside.  Poor thing, we often missed that in the beginning.

loves to play ball!

It took another year for him to learn how to lift his leg to mark his territory.  A most momentous occasion.

At first I thought Boo was just highly reactive to my ADD/ADHD episodes, however, upon closer observation I spotted many signs of his own ADD/ADHD issues.

He is easily distracted, easily confused and overreacts to seemingly meaningless situations and sounds.

He has sudden spurts of high energy, causing him to run around in circles regardless of how little space there may be.  It certainly is a comical phenomenon.  Keeps us all laughing that’s for sure.  He will also have evenings of endless ball fetching and often tries to make us fetch for him just to change things up.

He possesses a high sensitivity to high-pitched sounds.  The squeak of a toy creates a whine low in his throat as he maniacally tears the toy apart to remove that squeeker.  Sirens make him bark then howl pitifully long after we no longer hear them.  And that’s pitifully because he does it badly, not because he invoked any sympathy.  Also, the slightest unrecognized, unremembered sound makes him bark endlessly until comforted.  This is also classified as an OVERREACTION, very common amongst ADD/ADHD people.

His impulsivity happens to be his most endearing quality.  He always, without fail, rushes in to join the cats’ games even though he is roughly shunned by them every time.  He will charge a larger dog if he believes I am in danger…only to high-tail it back to me lickety split when he recognizes they will eat him for a snack.  Rushing into danger and ending up between my feet has worked for him so far.

He is highly sensitive to many food, particularly beef products.  His preference is anything fishy and seafood will entice him to gorge himself if possible.  He also enjoys fruit and veggies but he is not one to overeat at any time.

Boo is often tired/listless and can lay around for hours, sighing or falling asleep from boredom.  He is twitchy when made to sit still.

Highly sensitive to touch, Boo experiences something close to ecstasy when petted or receiving a belly rub.  He also experiences a great deal of pain if his hair is pulled, has gas or his paws are touched.  Poor baby.

His forgetfulness is rivalled by none other than me.  Boo will search for hours hardly remembering which room he hid the treat in, let alone the location of the treat.  It’s enough to have the whole house join in his search sometimes LOL
His bossy Alpha-Male tendencies get him into more trouble than he can handle, particularly when trying to herd the cats.

He is so eager to please and extremely happy to see us return, whether we are gone 5 minutes or 5 hours.  The heights of his joy are exactly the same.  How can anyone NOT smile when greeted with so much pleasure?

Boo is charming, comical and very easy to please.  A little loving attention goes a long way.

He experiences shame and guilt when he makes a mistake…he still has “accidents” when left alone too long.  I suspect he also has a bit of vengefulness in him when I find minute drops of urine where he marked his territory while I was gone.  I always know I’ll find that when he does NOT greet me at the door opting instead to lay on the rug by the back door, looking hopeful and tail wagging slowly, unsure whether I will be displeased or what.

Boo will follow me everywhere and anywhere for as long as his little legs will hold him.  We once hiked for hours before he collapsed on the trail, unable to move for 30 seconds while he caught his second wind.

Sometimes Boo feels insecure and jealous, rushing close the crawling onto my lap if I so much as look at another animal.  Sometimes, he doesn’t care or take notice.

Boo is a love bug, making us all feel wanted, needed and adored.

He is also an endless source of amusement for me.  And I for him.


3 responses

  1. I agree:) Do dogs become like their owners, or do we just instinctively choose the dog that most closely resembles our own quirky behaviour?

    1. I think the latter. 100%!

  2. I love this post so very much. Thank you for writing it.

    Gwendolyn… Cute, bratty, snuggly, and stubborn. She loves to eat. Tons! The apple, clearly not falling far from the tree, substantiates my belief that dogs are the canine version of their owning humans, or, more specifically, the perfect version of their human being. If I were a dog, I would, indeed, be a puggle. My puggle. Small. Kind. Yet oh so powerful and as stubborn as a mule.

    If you were a dog, I believe that you would be Boo. Tiny, intelligent, determined. 🙂

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