Cat Love

Meet Athlon, a 10-year-old male, a little bulky and almost as heavy as Boo, full of attitude to show us all he owns this house and everyone in it.

Athlon is the son of Leo, my daughters’ massive black cat who’s been alive forever.  Leo now lives far far away.

Athlon is Boos’ mentor.

He taught Boo how to live in a house with cats.

He also taught Boo how to play with others and wait his turn.  Once in a while, Athlon will let Boo join in the cat games but not for too long.  When he has had enough playtime, Athlon will pin Boo to the floor.  That is Boo’s signal to “quit it”.

This is lovely Callie.  Relatively new to the family, Callie comes to us by way of the Humane Society, where my son was chosen by Callie to be her new provider of fun and food.

Callie is not as she seems.  A beautiful, sleek grey cat with a giant bushy tail, delicate paws and as soft as a cloud, Callie looks like one of those royal cats worthy of worship.

It just so happens that Callie is a wild one. She climbs to the highest spots she can find, jumps up or down with wild abandon and tears through the house in pursuit of her favourite toy mouse.  She

is insistent, vocally, whenever she decides it is time to play.  With toy mouse in mouth she meows loudly and constantly until someone stops what they are doing and makes eye contact.  She then drops the mouse and waits for it to fly through the air so she can chase it.

She will do this until her chest is heaving and little drops of drool fall from her mouth.  

(to be continued periodically in the future)


2 responses

  1. I love stories like this! I am an animal lover and I try to do good deeds. Read my latest article about donating to the local humane society:


  2. stillstrange | Reply

    Cats! Plural… I love it! Don’t tell my dog but I am mainly a cat person. Actually, he probably knows it by now. I was allergic to cats for 7 years until my allergy went away and I was raised with more dogs then cats, I think. Looking forward to reading more.

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