Distraction galore!

OK.  My townhouse is for sale and we are waiting for advisement on whether the people who made the offer got their financing or not.

For Sale

For Sale (Photo credit: austinevan)

I still need to pack.

packing up

packing up (Photo credit: Joanna Bourne)

I need to start finding out all the address changes I need to do.

5 more weeks of work.

Sleeping While Working

Sleeping While Working (Photo credit: code_martial)

6 more weeks til I move!


trailer (Photo credit: gisele13)

Should I be stressed?

I’m told I should.

I’m told most people would be basket cases.

Crazed Loon!

Crazed Loon! (Photo credit: the justified sinner)

I haven’t noticed anything different.

Except…I’m distracted and have trouble pulling myself back into the moment.

And my eczema is back…this time on my elbows and upper back.

SOOOO itchy!

English: Photograph of typical, mild dermatitis

English: Photograph of typical, mild dermatitis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And, my birthday is coming up real soon:)

Candles spell out the traditional English birt...

Candles spell out the traditional English birthday greeting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wonder what I asked for:)


4 responses

  1. No divorce LOL We are retiring July 30th, then moving to Grand Manan Island August 4th:) I have 23 more working days to go!!!

      I am jealous.
      But you totally deserve it.
      Congratulations, lovey dovey!!!

  2. stillstrange | Reply

    I’ve packed and unpacked so much with decorating the house, I’m becoming a Pro at it. Should you be stressed? Totally depends on you. I like your last sentence. I think you may be getting what you asked for finally but way late.

  3. Wait one hot minute.
    What did I miss?
    Are you getting a divorce?!
    I feel like such a bad reader that I might have missed something important. Please forgive me!!!

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