A Funny Thing Happened

The other morning I forgot my iPod and only realized it when I arrived at the C-train station.

A stack of the iPods I now own... included are...

A stack of the iPods I now own… included are the 1Gb iPod shuffle (2nd Gen), iPod nano Product(RED) 4Gb (2nd Gen), iPod mini 4Gb, iPod 20Gb (4th Gen), and iPod video 80Gb (5.5 Gen). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Too late to go back for it now:(

English: New Southgate Station Late morning co...

English: New Southgate Station Late morning commuters board a Kings Cross bound train. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a book in my bag so I read that while I attempted to block out the cacophony of city morning sounds.

Noise Meter

Noise Meter (Photo credit: Lorianne DiSabato)

When I reached downtown and was walking to the corner to cross the street, I noticed a woman from the corner of my eye that seemed familiar to me, so I turned to look.

Woman In White

Woman In White (Photo credit: Cayusa)

As I watched her a thoughts were streaming through my mind like “wow, that is a sharp-looking outfit”, “I like the tight white pants and white shirt combo”, “fabulous red heels”, “she’s walking like she knows how great she looks”, “where do I know her from?”, “I love that natural nappy hair she’s sporting”…and so on and so on.

chanier logo

chanier logo (Photo credit: Sharese Ann Frederick)

While lost in my thoughts I suddenly hear a male voice say “You’re cuter”.

I snap my focus to my immediate front view and who do I see?


Female (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A short man with milky eyes using a cane to “see” where he’s going.  I know there are various stages of legally blind but still….

Piano on the pier, Jun 2011 - 64

Piano on the pier, Jun 2011 – 64 (Photo credit: Ed Yourdon)

I laughed all the way to my office.


Laugh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


3 responses

  1. I just sold 2 iPods, 1 nano, and 2 iPhones on eBay and made tons of mula!!! Cracked, used, terrible aesthetics yet working condition (except for 1 of the iPhones which was totally dead)! Who woulda’ thought that anyone cared for my junk? 😀

  2. stillstrange | Reply

    What a fun story! We have the same Ipod. The smallest one..only mines in red.

    1. I actually have the iPod Touch now which replaced my hot pink iPod classic cause it was full and I didn’t want to delete anything on it:)

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