Yesterday’s melting heat

That oppressive heat is enough to make anyone go crazy!  Bad enough when you can stay inside with the shades drawn and the fans going.  But to spend it outdoors?!  Poor little Boo didn’t want to leave the shade.  Me neither.

Hot dog icon

Hot dog icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We had to find someplace to spend the afternoon with Boo while my realtor had the open house.  So we went to South Glenmore Park where the yacht club and sailing club are.  Big Whoop.  A giant puddle LOL

Glenmore Reservoir in Calgary

Glenmore Reservoir in Calgary (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This park is on the south side of the city’s reservoir.

In this city, this place is wildly popular!  Actually, any puddle of water is crowded in all cities on a hot day!

A crowded swimming pool. A conga line is being...

A crowded swimming pool. A conga line is being formed by some of the children. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I discovered something about myself…I am a nature snob.

English: The wake after the ferry to Fanø, Den...

English: The wake after the ferry to Fanø, Denmark Dansk: Bølge i kølvandet på Fanøfærgen. Français : Sillage d’un ferry à Fanø, Danemark Deutsch: Kielwasser einer Fähre nach Fanø (Dänemark) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While I am all for beautifying a cityscape with trees, flowers, parks and bike trails, I must say I find the whole thing rather sad and pathetic.  After all, the people ripped apart nature, built the concrete structures and asphalt roads, then decided to “build” a few green spaces.  Come on!

A city park

A city park (Photo credit: Rich Moffitt)

To me, it is “artificial nature”, created as an afterthought, usually incorporating some way to make some money.  Because the whole goal is of city life is to make money.  Bottom line…people got it wrong.

No swimming, fools!

No swimming, fools! (Photo credit: iheartspam)

Rip apart nature, pour concrete, build tall buildings, as many as possible to enable more and more people to congregate in one space, then try to put in some nature spots to keep them a content?  How can that be right?

Prince's Island Park, Calgary, Alberta

Prince’s Island Park, Calgary, Alberta (Photo credit: madlyinlovewithlife)

The water was still.  Unmoving.  Unnatural.  Boring.

English: Kielder Water Sailing Club

English: Kielder Water Sailing Club (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A splash park for the kids was created because there is no swimming allowed in the reservoir.

Splash Park

Splash Park (Photo credit: courosa)

If you step from the shade of a shade you are instantly TOO HOT and the first place you sunburn is the feet.

Enjoying the Shade

Enjoying the Shade (Photo credit: djking)


Less than a month more of this torture.

Torture Museum

Torture Museum (Photo credit: Travis S.)

Time passes slowly when you anxiously await liberation.


Outside-of-Liberation-gate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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