Joie de Vivre

When was the last time you laughed out loud for real?  As opposed to LOL on Facebook of course:)  Someone at work was looking for me when I was not at my desk and they told me it is always easy to find me…they follow the sound of my laughter.  I thought that was a compliment.

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha (Photo credit: kani-jessy)

Do you remember being delighted with yourself?  Very young children are most commonly delighted with themselves all day.  Actually, young children are usually delighted with everything going on around them.

Limited edition A cover

Limited edition A cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you remember skipping out of pure joy?  As an adult, we stop skipping.  It feels wrong somehow.  We apparently think it makes us look less intelligent.

A girl is rope skipping in front of an old doo...

A girl is rope skipping in front of an old door in Nepal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When was the last time your face lit up with happiness at seeing a beloved face?  This type of smile makes everyone absolutely beautiful!

Happy happy joy joy

Happy happy joy joy (Photo credit: Soon.)

When did you last dance around the house with your spouse?  One of your favourite songs just started playing on the radio (or iPod) and you crank the sound, get really into it and DANCE.  Such fun!

Unfolding: outlining thirds through skipping b...

Unfolding: outlining thirds through skipping between the upper and lower notes About this sound Play ( help · info ) . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you cracked up laughing with your spouse lately?  This you should be doing every day.  It fills you with warmth and spreads throughout your entire body.  Feels fantastic!

The Crack Up

The Crack Up (Photo credit: evilpeacock)


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  1. stillstrange | Reply

    I water the lawn with my Ipod on and sing aloud and dance with the music. Sometimes I catch myself and think the neighbors might hear me but you know what? Who cares? It’s my yard and my life! I really only care about certain songs because my neighbors are religious and some of those 80’s songs were a bit raunchy.

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