2.5 hours to go!

I was up so early this morning!

Photograph of the "KANATA" sign at t...

Photograph of the “KANATA” sign at the entry to the suburb of Kanata (Ottawa, Canada) looking westbound. The sign’s letters are approximately 3 meters high and are illuminated at night. The sign is placed parallel with Eagleson Road on the east side of the road about 50 meters north of Highway 417 just before it runs under the Eagleson Road overpass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By 3 AM I had already showered, washed my hair, made and drank coffee, smoked a cig, took Boo out for a walk, played games on FB, read my email…Now, I’m just waiting for a decent hour to wake up hubby so we can be on our way to see the Grandkids and my daughter, sister, and brothers…so excited!

I’ve missed them all so very much.

Feeling all that love will be like an internal massive hug…badly needed I must say!

This last trek from Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario to Kanata, Ontario took over 10 hours…such a rough day and feeling it down to my bone marrow!  I stop every hour, get out, stretch, smoke and walk.  It gets so bad even Boo doesn’t want anything to do with my little breaks, preferring to stay in the air-conditioned car LOL

I SO don’t travel well LOL


4 responses

  1. What an exciting week this has been for you, the hubby, and boo! And the kitty, too, yes? Can’t wait to read about your new adventures! Yaaaay for Jeg! 😀

    1. No more kitty:( They belong to my son so they stayed behind with him…once I’m gone from my daughters house I’ll see what it’s like to have clear sinuses ’cause I’m allergic to cats LOL

  2. Every hour? Sheesh, my husband and I would probably Never take another trip together. Is he in the same car?

    1. I’ve been like this forever and a day…so hubby is used to it. Since he’s a smoker, he doesn’t mind. Plus we see more stuff along the way by having to stop LOL Yes, we travel in the same vehicle…otherwise I would be too bored for words LOL

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