Grandchildren: major gifts of life

After arriving in Montreal, having several heart attackscrossing through the city on the Metropolitain, then having to hold myself rigid so I wouldn’t scare hubby into having an accident, we got to my daughter’s house intact…more or less:)

Autouroute 40 direction sud-ouest un peu avant...

Autouroute 40 direction sud-ouest un peu avant la jonction avec l’Autoroute Décarie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fantastic feelings of warm love consume my heart as I get my hugs and kisses from daughter, granddaughter and grandsons:)  Most beautiful people ever!

My granddaughter, Janis, is truly more stunning in person than in her supermodel photos…wow, what a knockout she is!  Inside and out too!

The boys are hilarious, handsome and just plain wonderful…I am such a gushing fan LMAO

My daughter has been a fabulous mother, raising her children to be so great, all of them kind, loving and intelligent people.  Totally lovable…and not just by me:)  They are all a delight to all those that meet them…which makes me proud even though my influence on their outcomes is purely hereditary.

Today I will get to see my sister…maybe even a brother…or 2…or 3….or 4?  Doubtful I’ll see them all today because 2 live WAY out of the city and one is away on a trip I believe.  Oh well, even just seeing one sibling is better than seeing none at all:)

I am so excited all the pics I take a somewhat blurry from my shaking hands, which I can’t seem to control since I arrived.  But Janis is snapping and posting everything she takes so I’ll have some good ones later on.  Which I will post when I’m all set up in Grand Manan, NB.

Tomorrow we leave for Grand Manan with the kids.  They are so excited…and so are we!!!

I wonder if I will survive all these great times?  And my face is sore from smiling SO DARN MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!


4 responses

  1. On an evening when my dad has made me to feel like nothing but a big fat fucking loser, this post means everything to me. Thanks, Jeg, for loving your children with absolute and complete kindness.

  2. How many siblings do you have?
    I was allergic to cats for 7 years but my allergy went away. I could not imagine leaving one of my animals. They are my family members totally. I would take shots before I would leave one. I’m glad you still have Boo. How is handling everyone? Any other animals for him to play with?

    1. Please forgive me for part of my comment as I need to take back the part of what I would not do. I am definitely not in your situation nor do I feel the way you do. I’m glad you are having a wonderful time.

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