Yesterday we had to go to the mainland so we decided we’d spend the day exploring a few little towns.

Welcome to New Brunswick

Welcome to New Brunswick (Photo credit: jimmywayne)

We headed to St Stephen to pick up a couple of tools hubby was missing in order to complete the flooring to my specifications…which is NO JOINTS at any threshold…just one continuous floor throughout the house.

Did that.  No problem.

Then it was on to St George for hubby’s chiropractor appointment.

Official seal of St. George

Official seal of St. George (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Also, no issues.

We stopped for lunch and coffee at the Tim Horton’s there.  I had a most delicious beef noodle soup.  While we were eating hubby noticed it was only 1:00 and there is a ferry back to Grand Mananat 1:30.  We are only a few minutes away, he says, shall we try to make that ferry home instead of the 5:30? We can explore St Andrews by-the-Sea another time.  OK?

English: Tim Hortons restaurant. Calgary, Albe...

English: Tim Hortons restaurant. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Polski: Restauracja popularnej kanadyjskiej sieci Tim Hortons. Calgary, Alberta, Kanada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sure thing, I reply.  We jump up and off we go.

We arrive in Black’s Harbour and are the last vehicle in the fifth line of cars/trucks.  The ferry has already started loading and we wait to see if there will be room for us.  We get the go ahead signal and off we go.

Grand Manan Ferry

Grand Manan Ferry (Photo credit: New Brunswick Tourism | Tourisme Nouveau-Brunswick)

As we inch closer and closer to the entrance of that ferry I notice something is wrong.  I look down towards my feet and notice I have nothing in my way…oh oh…I FORGOT MY DAMN PURSE!!!  I look up and see we are mere inches from the entrance…once on we cannot get off.

Hubby shifts to reverse and hits the gas.  I roll down my window and shout to the ferry guy “I forgot my purse and must go get it!”

We race to the Tim Hortons, back to St George.  30 minutes has passed since I left my purse here.

Tim Hortons Coffee & Bake Shop

Tim Hortons Coffee & Bake Shop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is what ran through my mind on the way back:

Will it still be there?  Did someone take it?  Did the staff at Tim Hortons find it?  OMG!  I’ll have to replace so many things…my license, my credit cards, my bank card…and I have $80.00 in my wallet too.  My camera.  Thankfully my iPod and iPad are at home.  Shit!  My keys to our house in GM and Calgary.  And the car keys.  F@#king ADD!  Sure doesn’t take much to ADD-le my freakin’ brain!  SOB, hyperventilate…hold my breath.

We’ve arrived and I jump out of the car before he has had a chance to park it.  I rush inside and look in the general direction of where we were sitting (I think…it looks different somehow…oh, there are people sitting there and my purse is NOT HANGING ON THE BACK OF THE CHAIR!)

I must have looked a bit wild-eyed because the lady behind the counter said to me “Oh, you look like the lady that forgot her purse” with a kindly smile on her face.  I say “I forgot my purse here“!  She smiles and says she has it in the office, turns around and heads back there.  I feel a little shakiness in my knees and hold on to the counter.

She’s back.  With my purse.  I grab it and thank her effusively.  I stand at the back of the line and buy a latte and a blueberry fritter.

Remains of the Blueberry Fritter

Remains of the Blueberry Fritter (Photo credit: fortinbras)

I leave while still thanking them.

I am shaking all over.

I have a cigarette while I babble at hubby about how it has been over 25 years since the last time I lost a purse.  I tell him my purse days are numbered and how I am going to find some kind of “something that attaches to my person so this can never happen again”.


cigarette (Photo credit: Fried Dough)

I’m exhausted.  And light-headed.  And super annoyed at myself.

Hubby is laughing while we drive to St Andrews to explore that city.

I have inhaled the fritter and gulped the latte.

Latte swirl2

Latte swirl2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am not sure what the hell is so funny.

Oh yeah.  St Andrews by-the-Sea is beautiful.  The shops are filled with over-priced merchandise and the streets are lined with spectacular maple trees.

St. Andrews-by-the-Sea

St. Andrews-by-the-Sea (Photo credit: Erin Eve)

I did not take a single picture.

I can hardly wait to get home.

What a dork I am sometimes.


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