Simple, Natural Me

This is the perfect example of how I am at my very core:


 A simple display that I created at the corner of the house so it can be seen from the street, looking up the driveway.


I took some wild rose vine cuttings and some wild berry bushes to place around the pumpkin.


Quiet, subtle yet pretty, with lots of thorns on those vines to prevent hands or paws from disturbing it:)


And, yes, I view myself as a bit thorny:) LOL


Halloween decor in neighborhood

Halloween decor in neighborhood (Photo credit: anitakhart)


I’m not one to decorate for holidays like Halloween, but I sure do love fall decor in a big way…for outdoors only though.  Fall colours inside the house seem just too somber and dark for my taste.  I truly dislike any over-the-top Halloween decor so often found in the cities.  Funny, one of my children is like me…Halloween holds no attraction, not even when my son was little.  He disliked trick-or-treating in a big way and usually would go to a couple of houses then cried to come home.  My daughter, on the other hand, loves Halloween in a big way.  She is the type to over decorate her home and still dresses up even though she is pushing 40:)  Her enthusiasm for the garish and ghoulish is endearing to me:)  Yet I relate to my son more…subtlety is our thing:)


Happy fall all!


Fall bouquet

Fall bouquet (Photo credit: momboleum)


Love it?  or not?



4 responses

  1. Love for you. Not for me. I like things even simpler. Just a plain pumpkin sitting upon a black table. But I love yours for you. Thank you for sharing such prettiness.

  2. If you would ever like a guest post from a man with ADD/ADHDM, let me know! Thanks!

    – Jeff Emmerson
    Up-coming author of The Road to Myself: Dying to Live

    1. I think that would be fabulous! I was trying to Follow your blog however I’m not finding where to follow with this wordpress blog.
      Love your positive additude and enthusiasm….I’ll be your loudest cheerleader when you need one:)

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