I got a fabulous gift:)

Hubby brought me home a wonderful gift that I must share with you:)

Hot pink toolbox, pink hammer, pink drill, pink level, pink cutter, pink screwdriver, pink tape measure and pink flashlight…all to the benefit of Breast Cancer Research.

Now, what’s the reason for his lovely gifting to me?  Birthday?  Holiday?  Just to say I love you?


His ulterior motive was to keep me away from his tools, which I misplace and forget here, there and everywhere and then must help him find when he needs them:)

But that is ok by me.

I love presents, regardless of the reason.

Oh, and that measuring tape is pink on the inside too with the numbers written in white, which means he won’t ever borrow it because he has trouble seeing the white on pink:)  hee hee hee

So happy!

Remember to pick up any items that will benefit Breast Cancer Research during your shopping trips.  There are SO many items now that are made and benefit this worthy cause, surely there will be something that you will need!


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  1. So happy about your present!!!!!!!!! 😀

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