Risky Business

One of my views

Many people believe starting a new business venture, career or anything that has to do with making money is gambling, risky and dangerous to their well-being.

I beg to differ.

Money is a commodity, easily gained and just as easily lost.  Not a big deal to me.

What is a big deal?  What is risky to me?

Leaving your comfort zone, moving far, far away from you contacts, family and loved ones.  Leaving behind your mental security net is risky.  All those people you depend on when you are down and out to help pick yourself up again and move forward.

Have you ever thought how you would get through tough times without your network of peeps?

All alone.

With no one to encourage you.

No one to believe in you.

No one to love you.

Isn’t that the biggest risk of all?

It is not so easy to replace friendships and loved ones.  It takes years if not a lifetime.

So what is my point?

We moved to our dream location…our current dream location (because this is not the first time we’ve re-located ourselves across a country).  It’s risky because we only have each other…we must be everything to each other.  Lovers, friends, entertainer, problem solver and so on.

I had no fear of this unknown.  I still have no fear now that I am here.

How can that be?  Me, so fearful of so many things, yet so daring when it comes to something so huge.


I trust my husband with my life.

I trust that he will not let me down.

I trust that he will move heaven and earth trying to live up to that trust.

I wonder if he feels the same?:)


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  1. Such a modern day fairytale!

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