Perfect Wabi Sabi

Do you know what wabi-sabi is?


wabi-sabi (Photo credit: G A R N E T)

“[Wabi-sabi] nurtures all that is authentic by acknowledging three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.”

Wabi and sabi both suggest sentiments of desolation and solitude. In the Mahayana Buddhist view of the universe, these may be viewed as positive characteristics, representing liberation from a material world and transcendence to a simpler life.

The idea is that being surrounded by natural, changing, unique objects helps us connect to our real world and escape potentially stressful distractions.”

Like the chairs in the photo, with all of their glorious imperfections right there, in your face, visible to the naked eye, the beauty is unrivalled by any “perfect” design in the western world.
This is what I love…the effects of time and nature on all man-made objects as well as the effects of time and living on the human being.
True beauty and true light embodied in all of the ravages, lines and wrinkles life brings to us all.
Which brings me to my next subject:  perfectionism.
Are you a perfectionist?  And, do you say that with a great deal of pride?
Find out what I think about that tomorrow:)

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