Is this perverted?:)

At the St John hospital by 10:30 AM, check in and wait about 10 minutes.  The plastic surgeon arrives with his resident in tow, unwraps hubby’s fingers and says he has seen worse.  He checks to see if they can all bend…only one finger does not co-operate.  He sends hubby off to x-ray and I go out to the truck to take Boo for a walk.

University of New Brunswick

University of New Brunswick (Photo credit: Martin Cathrae)

The hospital is next to the St John University.  Beautiful grounds for Boo and I to “walk off the stress”.

By the time I get back, the plastic surgeon has frozen the one finger and his resident is preparing the tray of surgical tools.  I ask if I may observe…he pauses, grins, and says pervert…of course you can stay:)

My new favourite doctor!  LOL

I am fascinated as he cuts the finger a little further down so his resident can fold back the tissue, which is the whole pad of hubby’s forefinger, all the way down to the back of the knuckle.

252-366 Pop your Knuckles

252-366 Pop your Knuckles (Photo credit: cheesy42)

I inch closer and closer so I don’t miss anything.  I’m practically on top of hubby, leaning over him so far he can no longer see the ceiling he is staring at:)  I ask him if he feels anything and he says No, as long as they don’t touch the other 3 fingers, which are not frozen and hurt like the dickens!

The tendon in that finger is indeed mangled, shredded and clumped.  The surgeon finds a couple of those clumps and sews them together.  There are 2 small nerves on each side of that tendon, also shredded but he sews those up as well.  He says he must use a type of material to sew the stitches that do not dissolve and that will remain in the finger forever.  The danger of infection is huge and he drowns the inside of that finger with some type of disinfectant as he remarks “I don’t suppose you had the time to disinfect the table saw blade before you cut your fingers”.

Attached Fingers

Attached Fingers (Photo credit: Travis S.)

We all chuckle.  Everyone is a comedian in the Maritimes🙂

Once it is all sewn up to his satisfaction he instructs his resident to sew up the pad of the finger, wrap it up good and then put all the fingers in a half-cast with the tips of the fingers slightly bent forward.  While she is doing that, he goes out to arrange for hubby to meet with the physiotherapist that specializes in hand injury rehabilitation and get the medication hubby will need for the week.  Antibiotics and Tylenol 3 for the pain.

Tylenol 3, a compound of Tylenol (300 mg) and ...

Tylenol 3, a compound of Tylenol (300 mg) and Codeine (30 mg) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I imagine the pain will be intense once the freezing wears off.  I shudder just thinking of it.

My stoic husband has not made a sound during the entire procedure.

Until the resident accidentally bumps one of this other fingers as she starts wrapping them.

I swear I felt it too.

Hubby will be back Nov. 3oth with instructions to keep his hand dry.  And watch out for infection.

We are out of there within 3 hours.

Home by 3:30 in the afternoon.

Nap time.

2 kittens taking a nap

2 kittens taking a nap (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


4 responses

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  2. I just got to this post and almost threw up just reading it. I was a bit nervous on what pics you were going to post. I am so sorry about your husband. What a scary experience.

    1. Cannot be squeemish when living on a remote island…just part of the life. That being said, the healing is coming along except for one finger that didn’t have anything to hook a stitch in so it’s kinda gross…still oozing and bleeding off and on. It’ll be deformed when it completely heals. Now he’s my gimp LOL

  3. Not perverted. Bananas! Ha ha!

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